Raymond is a small village located in Lancaster County. The median household income in the village is $70,417. This area is home to approximately 200 full-time residents. The village is just 10 miles outside of the Branched Oak State Recreational Area, which is the largest lake in eastern Nebraska.

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Raymond Schools

The Raymond Central School District is a Class C-1 School District located just north of Lincoln. The district covers approximately 169 square miles. The junior/senior school facilities are located near the center of the school district. The school is approximately five miles north of Davey. All students are eligible for school bus transportation. The facilities include a kindergarten through fifth grade facility located in Ceresco, a kindergarten through sixth grade facility located in Valparaiso, and a seventh through twelfth grade facility located almost in the center of the district at 1800 W. Agnew Road.

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Recreation & Parks in Raymond

Branched Oak Lake, the largest flood control reservoir in the Salt Creek basin, is just west of Raymond. This area attracts large amounts of people from surrounding communities. The area now has the Branched Oak Arboretum consisting of numerous trees and shrubs. There are camping areas, boat ramps, two swimming beaches, picnic shelters, picnic tables, grills and a snowmobile trail.

The Branched Oak Dog Trial Area includes approximately 800 acres. Branched Oak offers hunting, fishing, trapping, power boating, sailing, water skiing, swimming, camping, hiking, natural beauty, and abundant water fowl and wildlife.

Willard Estates is located on 160 acres, which is just one mile east of Raymond.

James Arthur Vineyards is nestled among 400 acres of rolling hills and natural prairie grasslands minutes north of Lincoln, near the village of Raymond.

Raymond Weather

Raymond possesses a highly variable 4-season humid continental climate. Winters are cold but relatively dry, summers are hot and often humid. There is little precipitation falling during the winter. Precipitation is concentrated in the warmer months, when thunderstorms frequently occur.

Snow averages 26 inches per season. Snow tends to fall in light amounts, though blizzards are possible. There is an average of 39 days with a snow depth of 1 or more. The average time for freezing temp is October 5 through April 25. The monthly daily average temperature ranges from 25 degrees in January to 78 degrees in July. Based on 30-year averages, the area ranks the seventh-coldest major U.S. city.

Raymond Amenities

There are two fire stations in the village, which take all fire and EMS calls. There are two churches in the village, being: Raymond Presbyterian Church and Raymond United Methodist Church. The village has a post office for households to use. Toni’s Corner is a small convenience store that is located close to Branched Oak Lake.

Raymond Real Estate

The village is in rural area. This is the perfect place for those seeking acreage or homes with land.