The summer season brings on the opportunity for Lincolnites to enjoy music of all types in great outdoor settings as well as many hometown venues. Here is a small sample of concerts happening throughout the summer both in indoor and outdoor venues, Summer Music Scene Lincoln Nebraska is your best choice.

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Stransky Park – KZUM Concert Series

The first summer Music scene  Lincoln Nebraska you should try is at local radio station KZUM sponsors live music at Stransky Park located at 17th and Harrison in Lincoln. The concerts take place on Thursdays in mid May and end first part of August. The music is generally local talent and there is some art on display for your viewing pleasure as well. Should you come with an appetite there are food trucks on site as well.  Please be sure to visit the Facebook page for the schedule and more information. https://www.facebook.com/stranskyconcerts/



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Zoo Bar Lincoln NeAnother summer Music scene  Lincoln Nebraska you should attend is the annual event that brings R&B acts from across the country to Lincoln Nebraska for a fantastic line up of talent. The event takes place downtown in front of the Zoo Bar on 14th street between O Street and P. The street is closed off for the festivities and vendors. Zoofest takes place every summer, visit the website for the line up and event dates https://www.facebook.com/ZooBarBlues/events

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Lincoln Calling

Lincoln Calling is an annual event that takes place every summer. This event is a combination of art, music, creativity and innovation. Several venues within the downtown Lincoln area participate and host live music, art exhibitions and more.  Visit the website and Facebook page for more information

https://lincolncalling.com/   https://www.facebook.com/LincolnCalling/

The Bourbon Theater

Located in downtown Lincoln at 1415 “O” Street it is a unique venue that was once the historic State movie theater and now is the perfect size venue to get up close and personal with many talented bands. The Bourbon draws an eclectic mix of artists, bands and music which is just the reason the venue is so popular and unique. Check out more about the Bourbon and the upcoming schedule at  http://www.bourbontheatre.com

Bourbon Theater located in Lincoln ne

Pinewood Bowl

Pinewood Bowl is located within Pioneers Park and the listed address is 3201 S. Coddington Lincoln Ne 68522. The outdoor venue offers a great stage and outdoor seating area as well as ample parking. This is a cozy venue that brings popular artists from all over the United States. Please refer to the Pinewood Bowl website for the current schedule and to buy tickets for the concerts. https://www.pinewoodbowltheater.com/

Pinnacle Bank Arena

The Pinnacle Bank Arena is host to many events including some fantastic concerts. Located in the Lincoln Haymarket, the Pinnacle Bank Arena can seat approximately 15,000 people. Since it’s completion in 2013 it has hosted some great artists and drawn large crowds from Lincoln and surrounding cities and states. Visit the PBA website for the current summer line up of concerts at https://www.pinnaclebankarena.com/events/category/concerts

a photo of pinnacle bank arena

The Mill at Telegraph

The Mill Coffee & Tea is a small-batch craft coffee roaster, espresso bar and tea house located in Lincoln, Nebraska since 1975.

Like all good stories, the details of The Mill’s origins vary depending on who’s telling the story. What we do know is that during a bitter Nebraska winter in the mid 1970’s the folks at a local bike shop had an idea. The everyday “shop” coffee they served left much to be desired, so why not improve on it and at the same time generate a bit of cold weather revenue for the small bicycle shop? This quest turned into something of an obsession and soon their “shop” coffee was causing quite the stir. To these bicycle shop guys, this highlighted a distinct lack of gourmet quality coffee in Lincoln, and coupled with the increasing popularity of their coffee, they decided to open a small gourmet coffee and tea store adjacent to the bike shop. Thus began the first version of what we know as The Mill.

Located at 800 P St. Lincoln, NE 68508

Enjoy the music while you have a drink and dinner on the patio!

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East Campus Discovery Day’s & Farmer’s Market

The East Campus Discovery Days and Farmers Market at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is a fun, family-friendly event for all ages. It’s more than a farmer’s market. It’s more than a science day. Come for the hands-on, science focused fun. Stay to enjoy live music and food trucks. Shop at our farmers market and vendor fair. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream at the newly renovated UNL Dairy Store. Take in the beauty of the Backyard Farmer garden. Activities are free, food and crafts are available for purchase.


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Hub & Soul

Hub & Soul is a free event designed for people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate local musicians, local food and Lincoln’s parks.


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Kinkaider Brewing Co.

Kinkaider Brewing Co. is a Farm Craft Brewery based in Broken Bow, NE.

Summer Sundays feat. Mike Semrad

Summer Sundays at Kinkaider Brewing Co. will feature a new artist each week from 4p-7p in the Haymarket of Downtown Lincoln, NE

You may also like the following events from Kinkaider Brewing Lincoln:

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Boitano’s Lounge at Kindler Hotel

Locals and guests alike come together in the lavishly appointed lounge to enjoy uniquely crafted cocktails and a seasonal dining menu developed by Brian Boitano — world-renowned Olympic skater and Food Network star. Savor satisfying dishes and locally sourced ingredients in a hip and welcoming atmosphere. Boitano’s Lounge is the perfect place for dinner or nightcap.

Boitano’s Lounge is accessible for people with mobility impairment through the public entrance on N. 11th Street. The televisions in Boitano’s Lounge have closed captioning.

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