Welcome to the Janruary 2022 Sarpy County Nebraska real estate market report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Real Estate Agent. This report covers the Sarpy County area in Nebraska which includes the towns of; Bellevue, Papillion, Gretna other towns within the county.

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Sarpy County Overall Housing Stats

New and Existing Home Sales Data January 2022

The average sale price for homes in the Sarpy County Nebraska area region  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) during Janruary 2022 was $324,344 ; this is up from the January 2021 average of $297,180. The average days on market in January 2022 was 10 days compared to January 2021 which was 16 days. Sellers in Sarpy County received 101.6% of their asking price for the home sold. 

Sarpy CountyDecember 2021December 2020
Average Sales Price$324,344$297,180
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.$192.00$172.00
Average Days on Market1016


Sarpy County Existing Homes Sales

$160,000 to $224,999

January 2022 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market : 23

Pending Homes: 30

Average Days on Market: 5

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .10

$225,000 to $309,999

January 2022 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 39

Pending Homes: 37

Average Days on Market: 5

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .20

$310,000 or More   

January 2022 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 98

Pending Homes: 89

Average Days on Market: 15

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 1.5

Some of the Homes Sold in Sarpy County During Janruary 2022

PriceAddressCityTotal AcresTSqFtYBLT
$110,0002612 Edwards StreetBellevue0.31,3601906
$121,0007014 Florence StreetLa Vista0.1617921962
$150,1001406 Freeman DriveBellevue0.312,1431961
$160,000620 S Adams StreetPapillion0.2661,3741915
$160,000513 3rd Street NBellevue0.2331,4841965
$162,0002521 Jefferson StreetBellevue0.181,5001946
$172,0007416 S 150 StreetOmaha0.1781,1571982
$173,00017730 Lillian StreetOmaha0.1221,3392002
$175,0001708 Jefferson StreetBellevue0.311,6121948
$180,7507513 Edward AvenueLa Vista0.21,5771960
$183,0001404 Warren StreetBellevue0.1641,3531978
$183,0003006 Coffey AvenueBellevue0.2411,6561971
$184,0004124 Southern Hills DriveBellevue0.1521,4251958
$185,0007511 ira CircleBellevue0.3761,1401960
$185,0002517 Jack Pine StreetBellevue0.2012,7111982
$185,000860 N 5 AvenueSpringfield0.211,1841975
$189,0001217 Sunset DriveBellevue0.2481,5701958
$190,0005021 White Cloud DriveOmaha0.1721,2561960
$194,00014002 Tregaron Ridge AvenueBellevue01,5052006
$195,000810 Kountze Memorial DriveBellevue0.2162,0721976
$195,000225 W Glenmore DriveGretna0.181,5161968
$200,000109 Cedar StreetBellevue0.181,4401960
$205,0002305 Nottingham DriveBellevue0.1461,5081979
$212,0007719 Cottonwood AvenueLa Vista0.1871,4831978
$215,0008816 Pine DriveLa Vista0.1661,7851966
$215,0003203 Mirror CircleBellevue0.1651,4541987
$215,0007706 S 30th StreetBellevue0.2661,8391918
$217,0001411 St. Joachin CourtBellevue0.2081,7271973
$219,0008021 Marisu LaneLa Vista0.1571,5441980
$220,0003704 Greene AvenueBellevue0.241,7421966
$220,0001608 Washington StreetBellevue0.1911,9161962
$225,000305 Pioneer RoadPapillion0.1651,5221984
$229,50013527 Glendale CircleBellevue0.2332,1141999
$233,00017801 Lillian StreetOmaha0.161,4392002
$236,00011524 S 35 StreetBellevue0.1481,3961984
$238,00014912 Josephine StreetOmaha0.1731,5421980
$239,90013056 Brookside DriveBellevue0.1912,0391981
$240,0003316 Chad StreetBellevue0.1641,6221998
$240,0003005 Blackhawk DriveBellevue0.1361,8101999
$241,0002522 Cornelia StreetBellevue0.2251,8481968
$245,00013210 Lillian StreetOmaha0.2231,6141990
$250,00021101 Flagstone CircleGretna0.221,3702009
$250,00016125 Willow St StreetOmaha0.1451,3482005
$255,0004714 Primrose LaneOmaha0.2822,0701966
$260,000104 Windsor DrivePapillion0.2651,7651992
$260,0007884 S 151 CircleOmaha01,6101997
$262,00013721 Chandler StreetOmaha0.3582,0041994
$264,00013812 S 47 StreetPapillion0.151,9642006
$266,0001402 Beechwood CirclePapillion0.291,4801980
$270,0001406 Childs Road EBellevue0.2082,3071979
$270,0001004 W Perry StreetPapillion0.251,9581975
$272,0008122 S 50th AvenueOmaha0.2312,4901988
$275,000809 Pineview DrivePapillion0.1932,4721983
$276,0006842 Hillcrest LaneLa Vista0.2012,1601997
$277,000806 Shannon RoadPapillion0.3981,7351978
$280,0002921 Lynnwood DriveBellevue0.2122,2641983
$285,000612 Ruby RoadPapillion0.3531,7302013
$288,00014051 Gertrude CircleOmaha0.2683,3221986
$290,00012749 Forestdale DriveBellevue0.262,7961977
$300,0001004 E Cary StreetPapillion0.2122,2991984
$300,0001105 Rousseau CourtPapillion0.2042,4991968
$305,00013303 Brookside DriveBellevue0.182,7211988
$307,0002609 Sheridan RoadBellevue0.173,2101980
$310,00013608 S 42 CircleBellevue0.2353,2972002
$310,000610 Louisiane CircleBellevue0.162,3201991
$315,0008429 S 64 AvenueOmaha0.1792,3962009
$317,70011740 S 112 StreetPapillion0.251,4772022
$326,84812108 S 44th StreetBellevue0.2071,6602021
$327,00019031 Chandler StreetOmaha0.211,5202011
$330,0002902 Rahn BoulevardBellevue0.232,9542005
$335,6392013 Raven Ridge DriveBellevue0.251,6262022
$342,500413 Martin DriveBellevue0.3273,5951971
$347,91011733 S 113 StreetPapillion0.252,2932022
$350,00017014 Colleen LaneGretna0.262,4692006
$350,0004505 Hansen AvenuePapillion0.1943,0882014
$356,0008519 S 164th StreetOmaha0.1722,7922011
$356,49012914 S 45th AvenueBellevue0.2261,6352021
$358,0009614 S 175th CircleOmaha0.1652,5242004
$358,3606417 Centennial RoadPapillion0.2321,6592021
$360,00021338 Castlerock LaneGretna0.3361,6512012
$361,12911812 Amos Gates DriveBellevue0.23,7581981
$367,2607602 S 185th StreetOmaha0.212,8492021
$367,417Lot 132 StreetPapillion0.0251,5292020
$367,5609917 Olive StreetLa Vista1,497.002,6242021
$370,0002106 Betsy AvenuePapillion0.2082,9772001
$370,3906411 Kyla DrivePapillion0.2451,6592021
$372,8664561 Lawnwood DrivePapillion0.2051,7892021
$375,0002701 Leigh LanePapillion0.2112,4112003
$375,00018823 Rosewood StreetOmaha0.1712,5932019
$375,0002102 Petersen DrivePapillion0.193,9132005
$375,44718310 Prestwick DriveOmaha0.2492,1942021
$376,220714 Castle Pine StreetPapillion0.2331,5912021
$376,99012863 S 45 AvenueBellevue0.3052,3562021
$380,78211214 Superior DrivePapillion0.0252,3562020
$387,50016031 Virginia StreetOmaha0.2363,7682006
$393,0008621 S 97th AvenueLa Vista0.232,7291999
$394,9906404 Centennial RoadPapillion0.2852,3562021
$395,00021130 Castlerock LaneGretna0.2492,4032018
$395,99012907 S 44th AvenueBellevue0.1912,3562021
$396,0007914 S 184 StreetOmaha0.2142,6132019
$400,00016011 Cary StreetOmaha0.2173,9292009
$400,00017215 Jackson AvenueGretna0.1863,2002017
$409,6267803 S 198 StreetGretna0.2382,5082021
$410,00019028 Redwood StreetOmaha0.3772,6962021
$411,01510509 Cove Hollow DrivePapillion0.2582,9322020
$415,000513 Martin DriveBellevue0.3043,6511971
$415,00018838 Edna StreetOmaha0.2343,2182005
$415,000211 Bellevue Blvd NBellevue0.7463,1941956
$418,0001712 Timber LaneBellevue0.4843,8011977
$419,00016210 Greenleaf StreetOmaha0.213,9672006
$420,0004514 Leawood DrivePapillion0.2573,2652020
$422,0007011 S 194 StreetGretna03,0762011
$424,4325014 Sheridan RoadPapillion0.252,4592022
$426,01210213 S 186th StreetOmaha0.282,7152021
$427,9906421 Centennial RoadPapillion0.2322,6002021
$430,000807 Hidden Hills DriveBellevue0.2774,5401981
$432,41012615 Schirra StreetOmaha0.252,5292021
$440,0007807 S 194 AvenueGretna0.242,7902019
$442,8705303 Helwig AvenuePapillion0.2242,5072021
$446,37612119 S 209 StreetGretna0.2483,6842021
$458,3997407 Swallowtail StreetPapillion0.2472,5702021
$462,50011747 S 110th AvenuePapillion0.333,2702017
$465,61612806 Cooper StreetPapillion0.242,2652021
$466,00012634 Carpenter StreetPapillion0.232,5092021
$468,12111511 S 115 StreetPapillion0.312,2652021
$470,00019821 Briar StreetGretna0.212,7502021
$488,00018817 Merion DriveGretna0.253,3202021
$501,5152112 Gindy DriveBellevue0.252,0662021
$505,00010640 S 190 StreetOmaha0.32,9462019
$510,00012718 S 76th AvenuePapillion0.282,5072021
$511,64112712 Slayton StreetOmaha0.2392,7502021
$512,00010209 S 177 StreetOmaha0.2653,8532000
$515,00011532 S 190th StreetGretna0.293,2742022
$515,00010225 Caspian DrivePapillion0.252,6302020
$530,00010206 Caspian DrivePapillion0.2393,6222020
$549,90010217 Caspian DrivePapillion0.253,1582021
$561,52212611 S 77th StreetPapillion0.133,0662021
$570,00017611 Ventana CircleOmaha0.3034,2931999
$575,00012003 Longshore AvenuePapillion0.2673,3652016
$580,00010819 S 176 StreetOmaha0.2643,7732019
$589,90010230 Caspian DrivePapillion0.233,1992021
$630,00010320 Spyglass DriveOmaha0.2824,6742013
$650,00020380 Buffalo RoadGretna201,6622013
$679,90019006 Hackberry DriveGretna0.2723,4962021
$765,00021150 Riha RoadSpringfield5.314,3202003
$875,00010009 S 163 AvenueOmaha0.7594,5112018

Recent Homes Sold in Sarpy County

New Construction Homes in Sarpy County Nebraska

New Listings Under Construction : 52

New Listings Complete Never Occupied: 8

On the Market Complete Never Occupied: 31

Average Price Per Sq Ft for properties under construction :  2022  $217.00 2021  $179.00

New Construction New Listings to Hit the Market

What Does This Mean For Buyers In Sarpy County Nebraska?

Buyers in Sarpy County Nebraska can expect to see a continuation of low inventory of existing homes.

The average sale price has increased this year, and in many price ranges, there is less homes listed compared to this time last year.

Buyers should have financing in place and be ready to act when they find a property that matches their criteria. Be sure to search for properties in your price.

Give  me  a call today so i can help find your happy home! and i will be glad to help you.

What Does This Mean For Sellers In Sarpy County Nebraska?

Sarpy County Nebraska is still in a sellers market with only 0.8 months of inventory available. There is a strong demand for homes in the $200k$300k price range.

Sellers can expect to get close to asking price for their homes as the list price to sold price ratio is 101.6%, and the number of days on the market before a home is sold is averaging 10 days.


Sellers can use our free home valuation tool to get an idea of their home’s worth, then give me a call and i can answer all your questions about getting your home listed today.

Sarpy County Nebraska Homes For Sale

Here are the most recent home listings just added to the database in the Sarpy County Nebraska Area.

Sarpy County Nebraska Housing Market Janruary 2022
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