Welcome to the February 2022 Sarpy County Nebraska real estate market report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Real Estate Agent. This report covers the Sarpy County area in Nebraska which includes the towns of; Bellevue, Papillion, Gretna other towns within the county.

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Sarpy County Overall Housing Stats

New and Existing Home Sales Data February 2022

The average sale price for homes in the Sarpy County Nebraska area region  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) during February 2022 was $336,324 ; this is up from the February 2021 average of $291,842. The average days on market in February 2022 was 14 days compared to February 2021 which was 21 days. Sellers in Sarpy County received 103.1% of their asking price for the home sold. 

Sarpy CountyFebruary 2022February 2021
Average Sales Price$336,324$291,842
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.$207.00$175.00
Average Days on Market1421


Sarpy County Existing Homes Sales

$160,000 to $224,999

February 2022 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market : 36

Pending Homes: 31

Average Days on Market: 7

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .20

$225,000 to $309,999

February 2022 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 74

Pending Homes: 70

Average Days on Market: 6

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .20

$310,000 or More   

February 2022 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 171

Pending Homes: 142

Average Days on Market: 22

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 1.5

Some of the Homes Sold in Sarpy County During February 2022

PriceAddressCityTotal AcresTSqFtYBLT
$80,0002828 Chandler Road WBellevue0.1355281921
$128,0007111 78 StreetLa Vista0.171,3441964
$130,0002508 Washington StreetBellevue0.1557201941
$143,0007214 Joseph AvenueLa Vista0.1411,1041962
$160,0007346 S 69th StreetLa Vista0.149841959
$160,0005017 White Cloud DriveBellevue0.179721963
$165,0007208 Chandler Hills DriveBellevue0.141,0321962
$168,0002406 Madison StreetBellevue0.1551,1442011
$176,000406 Highland DriveGretna0.1879121960
$180,0002511 Charles CircleBellevue0.251,4681980
$182,5007437 Terry DriveLa Vista0.171,1401961
$185,0001905 Freeman DriveBellevue0.251,9611957
$185,00013103 Lillian StreetOmaha0.2012,6561979
$190,0001111 Offutt BoulevardBellevue0.251,9501958
$192,500202 Glendale CircleGretna0.21,7351972
$195,0007714 Cottonwood AvenueLa Vista0.181,5841975
$197,5007804 Parkview BoulevardLa Vista0.171,3681970
$200,0002307 Brighton DriveBellevue0.1471,9791981
$203,530422 W West Plains RoadGretna0.1881,1521962
$205,0001008 S Madison StreetPapillion0.2161,5961959
$212,5002623 Greene AvenueBellevue0.2251,8261966
$220,000306 Douglas DriveBellevue0.2291,6731969
$220,0003742 Burr Oak DriveBellevue0.2071,7571981
$225,00017711 Josephine StreetOmaha0.1361,3501999
$225,0003720 Greene AvenueBellevue0.241,9591967
$225,000101 Michael DriveGretna0.191,4821962
$226,000541 South AvenueGretna0.1962,1401957
$226,0001708 Pelton AvenueBellevue0.221,8921959
$230,000203 Lorraine DriveBellevue0.1891,6741967
$231,00015216 Greene AvenueOmaha0.1951,4151992
$235,0001609 Freeman DriveBellevue0.32,4801958
$235,00014410 S 28th StreetBellevue0.1431,3142002
$235,00017818 Gertrude StreetOmaha0.1371,3922003
$237,0008703 S Glenview DriveLa Vista0.3881,6031963
$238,00017701 Lillian StreetOmaha0.1481,2992001
$240,0001404 Thomas DriveBellevue0.161,9171967
$240,000411 Kountze Memorial DriveBellevue0.182,1461974
$245,0001806 Madison StreetBellevue3122,0191957
$245,7002102 Avery RoadBellevue0.2851,8421956
$250,000465 Maple StreetSpringfield0.42,0061962
$250,0007309 S 75 AvenueLa Vista0.2651,4861978
$250,00015037 Chalco Pointe CircleOmaha0.1521,5741997
$250,0001001 Colorado StreetBellevue0.2392,1261975
$250,00013923 Josephine StreetOmaha0.2221,8261989
$250,0008730 Bayberry RoadLa Vista0.1381,5221981
$250,0001304 Terry DriveBellevue0.1551,6231991
$250,5004940 Bernadette AvenueOmaha0.1772,0411974
$252,2752205 Lucille DriveBellevue0.151,8001981
$254,000230 Windsor DrivePapillion0.231,8441979
$255,000601 Fort StreetPapillion0.1841,3531991
$256,00017813 Gertrude StreetOmaha0.1441,5372003
$258,0001402 Fairfax RoadBellevue0.2642,0681961
$260,00013906 Jennifer RoadOmaha0.1911,6111991
$260,0003119 Coffey AvenueBellevue0.2012,1911972
$265,0008716 Cherry Lane CourtLa Vista0.271,6851967
$270,0007118 S 48 Avenue CircleBellevue0.1942,6961982
$270,00014103 Edna CircleOmaha0.281,9821990
$272,00015240 Robin DriveOmaha0.211,4121991
$275,0001520 N 10th StreetBellevue0.2992,4061963
$275,0001612 Lincoln RoadBellevue0.2262,8331960
$275,00010808 Winding River DriveBellevue0.31,6642008
$275,0002106 Lucille DriveBellevue0.1711,6721981
$275,000216 Oakwood DrivePapillion0.181,4401995
$275,0004409 Brook StreetBellevue0.191,7072012
$280,0007901 S 151st AvenueOmaha0.1781,6181996
$285,0001306 Patricia DrivePapillion0.252,3191983
$286,0002912 Lynnwood DriveBellevue0.1853,0981978
$289,00011659 Quail DriveBellevue0.2272,4831978
$290,00013711 S 43 AvenueBellevue0.2421,9462014
$295,00013204 S 35 Avenue CircleBellevue0.342,3502003
$300,0001001 Conestoga RoadPapillion0.2191,4981986
$302,5007326 S 183rd StreetOmaha0.1671,7572004
$303,0007108 S 53 StreetOmaha0.2061,6761974
$305,00011733 Willow Park DriveGretna0.1912,4052008
$305,0003407 Faye DriveBellevue0.222,4471989
$306,50011805 Quail DriveBellevue0.22,1911995
$312,50010456 S 113th StreetPapillion0.0251,4732020
$315,0003717 Sheridan RoadBellevue0.32,8532003
$325,00011710 Trumble Loup EastBellevue0.2762,7481993
$327,5002701 Georgia AvenueBellevue0.1682,9001994
$344,0002910 Courtney DriveBellevue0.1692,9331997
$345,00011408 S 173rd AvenueGretna0.31,5282018
$346,2709568 S 183rd AvenueOmaha0.182,1942021
$347,9904452 Leawood DriveBellevue0.1591,4982022
$348,0002310 Plymouth Rock RoadBellevue0.273,3462005
$350,000205 Barrington DriveGretna0.32,0101973
$351,00016124 Cary StreetOmaha0.22,9872009
$355,0002400 Glacier DrivePapillion0.293,4512005
$358,59213510 S 54 CirclePapillion0.252,5562022
$359,95018920 Redwood StreetOmaha0.2251,9982014
$361,9904423 Schilling DriveBellevue0.1391,6352021
$362,4906427 Kyla DrivePapillion0.261,6592021
$364,40811230 Cove Hollow DrivePapillion0.0252,1762020
$365,00016960 Jackson AvenueGretna0.21,5752021
$365,0009608 S 27 StreetBellevue0.1783,5952003
$365,00017242 Rampart StreetOmaha0.172,6042006
$366,000901 Elm Hurst DrivePapillion0.2493,2661984
$366,9906431 Kyla DrivePapillion0.261,6352021
$374,725Lot 166 Granite Falls NorthPapillion0.0252,0982020
$374,9517708 S 185th StreetOmaha0.2133,3352021
$375,0001811 Mayflower RoadBellevue0.241,5782018
$377,41018307 Prestwick CircleOmaha0.2083,2182021
$379,69012113 S 204th AvenueGretna0.2391,6592022
$380,0006424 Centennial RoadPapillion0.2891,6592021
$383,4687508 S 185th StreetOmaha0.223,7472021
$385,00018802 Willow StreetOmaha0.2272,5282016
$385,0007902 S 184th StreetOmaha0.232,3442020
$385,0001803 Deerfield WayPapillion0.2543,1951997
$385,0906415 Kyla DrivePapillion0.262,3562022
$387,0009525 S 183rd AvenueOmaha0.1733,2182021
$390,00012125 S 209 AvenueGretna0.1932,5472021
$391,50018610 Blackwalnut StreetOmaha0.2472,4502018
$395,0009412 S 177 StreetOmaha0.251,6262020
$396,00020855 Jeannie LaneGretna0.1932,5472021
$400,0007322 S 43 StreetBellevue0.9063,3001977
$402,00010711 S 113 StreetPapillion0.222,7152008
$407,44611714 S 119th AvenuePapillion0.2293,8672021
$415,00021334 Castlerock LaneGretna0.2712,5792013
$423,0008637 S 98 StreetLa Vista03,0302002
$425,000125 Castle Pine DrivePapillion0.233,6342001
$430,00011702 S 119 AvenuePapillion0.2363,3352022
$430,82110212 Osprey LanePapillion0.2333,1502021
$436,25019005 Devonshire DriveGretna0.2861,7602021
$436,85010359 S 97th StreetPapillion0.2391,8232021
$443,6259720 Osprey LanePapillion0.2392,0022021
$447,10810517 Cove Hollow DrivePapillion0.3252,6792021
$461,90010820 S 176 StreetOmaha0.2653,0602022
$462,13311972 S 113 StreetPapillion0.242,2972021
$463,3267708 S 199 StreetGretna0.2042,7812021
$472,6977561 Swallowtail StreetPapillion0.2571,8952021
$475,0002210 Lola CircleBellevue0.3643,6882011
$500,07010220 Cove Hollow DrivePapillion0.232,9722021
$520,6877801 S 199 StreetGretna0.2143,7412021
$525,00010632 S 191st AvenueOmaha0.2643,1752016
$525,00011511 S 118 StreetPapillion0.282,8972021
$525,00018658 Schofield DriveOmaha0.242,6182020
$525,00018862 Edna StreetOmaha0.2933,0182005
$530,00010714 S 36th StreetBellevue4.333,6572005
$537,89119610 Briar StreetGretna0.2513,0472022
$550,00011506 S 189th StreetGretna0.2242,6452021
$567,72520803 Woodridge DriveGretna0.2393,4562022
$571,89811016 Portage DrivePapillion0.3323,0282021
$575,00019016 Ridgemont StreetOmaha0.2213,7722016
$589,90012122 S 206th StreetGretna0.293,4302021
$593,57010226 Caspian DrivePapillion0.233,1112021
$606,90012009 S 113th Avenue CirclePapillion0.293,5762022
$619,83218236 Cheyenne RoadOmaha0.3323,4572021
$665,04510203 S 105th AvenuePapillion0.4253,0962021
$679,7817916 S 181 Avenue CircleOmaha0.333,8272021
$680,90019030 Hackberry DriveGretna0.263,8572021
$794,7449902 S 98th StreetPapillion0.2713,3142021
$870,0008201 Kauai DrivePapillion202,5891990

Recent Homes Sold in Sarpy County

New Construction Homes in Sarpy County Nebraska

New Listings Under Construction : 76

New Listings Complete Never Occupied: 7

On the Market Complete Never Occupied: 39

Average Price Per Sq Ft for properties under construction :  2022  $261.00 2021  $188.00

New Construction New Listings to Hit the Market

What Does This Mean For Buyers In Sarpy County Nebraska?

Buyers in Sarpy County Nebraska can expect to see a continuation of low inventory of existing homes.

The average sale price has increased this year, and in many price ranges, there is less homes listed compared to this time last year.

Buyers should have financing in place and be ready to act when they find a property that matches their criteria. Be sure to search for properties in your price.

Give  me  a call today so i can help find your happy home! and i will be glad to help you.

What Does This Mean For Sellers In Sarpy County Nebraska?

Sarpy County Nebraska is still in a sellers market with only 0.8 months of inventory available. There is a strong demand for homes in the $200k$300k price range.

Sellers can expect to get close to asking price for their homes as the list price to sold price ratio is 103.1%, and the number of days on the market before a home is sold is averaging 14 days.


Sellers can use our free home valuation tool to get an idea of their home’s worth, then give me a call and i can answer all your questions about getting your home listed today.

Sarpy County Nebraska Homes For Sale

Here are the most recent home listings just added to the database in the Sarpy County Nebraska Area.

Sarpy County Nebraska Housing Market February 2022
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