Finding local restaurants is as easy as searching Google or strolling down the street. But finding the best local restaurants requires a willingness to do a little research and spend time talking with the people who live and eat there, in Lincoln Nebraska you will find many good restaurants, here you have a list of the Best breakfast Restaurants in Lincoln Nebraska.

Breakfast in The United States

Breakfast in the United States typically refers to the first meal of the day, eaten in the morning. The specific foods that make up a typical American breakfast vary, but there are some common elements that define the meal.

One of the most common breakfast foods in the United States is cereal, which is typically eaten with milk. Other common breakfast foods include eggs (often served as omelets, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs), bacon or sausage, toast, bagels, English muffins, pancakes, waffles, and pastries such as muffins, donuts, and cinnamon rolls. Breakfast sandwiches, which can include eggs, bacon or sausage, cheese, and other toppings, are also popular.

Beverages commonly served with breakfast in the United States include coffee, tea, orange juice, and other fruit juices. In recent years, smoothies and other health-oriented drinks have also become popular.

Overall, the American breakfast is often considered a hearty meal, with a focus on foods that are filling and energizing to help start the day. However, there is a great deal of diversity in what people eat for breakfast in the United States, and different regions and cultures may have their own unique breakfast traditions.

Now that we know a little about breakfast, here’s a few places in Lincoln Nebraska to enjoy the meal…

Penelope’s Lil’ Cafe







Located in 4724 Pioneers Blvd Lincoln, NE  68506

Phone: +1 402-435-0998


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Penelope’s Lil’ Cafe offers homemade food choices at a reasonable price. Their menu boasts traditional American style cuisine including made from scratch breakfast dishes and delicious lunch entrees including a favorite, open faced hot beef.

The Hub Cafe






Located in 250 N. 21st Suite 3 Lincoln, Nebraska 68503

Phone: +1 402-474-2453


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The approach to food is simple at The Hub Cafe. This farmer-owned restaurant sources the best-tasting, freshest ingredients from local producers to inspire creative dishes. The flavors of Nebraska shine through in the breakfast, lunch and brunch menus, which all include delicious vegetarian options. A few of our favorites include the squash banh mi, the BBQ pulled oyster mushroom sandwich, the savory breakfast bowl and The Hub skillet.







Cooks Cafe

Located in 333 N Cotner  Blvd  Suite 1 Lincoln NE 68505
Phone : +1 402-466-1771
Hometown Breakfast and lunch cafe! Great homemade foods.

The Green Gateau







Located at 330 S 10th St, Lincoln, NE 68508.

Phone: +1 402-477-0330

Romantic and casual, make it the perfect date spot and the best celebratory destination, have all been used to describe Green Gateau. Located in the heart of downtown Lincoln, the French-inspired, upscale restaurant is a must-visit whether you’re a meat-lover or a plant-eater. Their huge menu includes brunch, lunch and dinner with extensive gluten-free options, clearly marked vegetarian meals and some of the best coffee drinks in town.

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Located in 7900 S. 87th St, Lincoln, NE 68526

Phone: (402) 420-3232

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Greenfield’s is a favorite breakfast spot for many. Looking for some giant biscuits and gravy? Cinnamon roll pancakes? Avocado toast? Delicious omelets? No matter what you’re in the mood for—Greenfield’s has it! If you’re dining during the warmer months, make sure you take advantage of their cozy patio. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy breakfast classics and your favorite brunch beverage.

Good Evans Breakfast & Lunch





Located in 6891 A St STE 102, Lincoln, NE 68510

Phone: +1 402-488-3444

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Good Evans offers an elevated menu to the traditional breakfast and lunch offerings. We take great care in the quality of ingredients we use and our made-from-scratch recipes.

And we don’t stop at the food! The coffee we use is roasted in-house to keep things fresh. We provide unique and ever-changing bean blends for our customers using beans sourced from all over the world. We take tremendous pride in ensuring our beans are Fair Trade always! It is just the GOOD way to do things.

Virginia’s Cafe






Located in 3820 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68504

Phone: +1 402-464-9885

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This place is iconic. The food is simple, and just right.  It’s not fancy but it’s consistently good, big portions, and cheap as can be! Seriously. Cheap. And. Delicious. Virginia’s is definitely old diner feels. They just updated some things and it honestly makes me sad (it looks great by the way). I want it to stay the same forever because it’s just such a good local place.

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