Welcome to the December 2021Lancaster County Nebraska Market Report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Real Estate Agent. This report covers the Lancaster County area in Nebraska which includes the towns of; Lincoln, Hickman, Waverly, Raymond, Malcolm, Davey and others within the county boundaries.

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Lancaster County Overall Housing Stats

New and Existing Home Sales Data December 2021

The average sale price for homes in the Lancaster County Nebraska area region  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) during December 2021 was $291,019; this is up from the December 2020 average of $262,839 (+10.7%). The average days on market in December 2021 was 16 days compared to December 2020 which was 14 days. Sellers in Lancaster County received 100.3% of their asking price for the home sold. 

Lancaster CountyDecember 2021December 2020
Average Sales Price$291,019$262,839
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.$199.00$176.00
Average Days on Market1614


Lancaster County Existing Homes Sales

$135,000 to $188,999

December 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market : 39

Pending Homes: 42

Average Days on Market: 13

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 0.30

$189,000 to $288,999

December 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 94

Pending Homes: 103

Average Days on Market: 9

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .30

$289,000 or More

December 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 165

Pending Homes: 92

Average Days on Market: 23

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 2.0

Some of the Homes Sold in Lancaster County During December 2021 (Single Family Residence $200,000 to $600,000)

PriceAddressCityTotal AcresTSqFtYBLT
$200,0003900 S 14th StreetLincoln0.121,4041935
$200,000310 Mormon TrailLincoln0.131,2521979
$200,0005821 Dogwood DriveLincoln0.211,7141975
$203,0003920 Apple StreetLincoln0.252,0681956
$204,7501808 Dakota StreetLincoln0.131,6721941
$205,0002240 S 62Nd StreetLincoln0.181,8431963
$205,0003900 Worthington AvenueLincoln0.139991955
$205,0001335 S 50th StreetLincoln0.151,3921950
$205,0001902 S 27Th StreetLincoln0.151,6711926
$205,0002441 SW 17th StreetLincoln0.181,2901999
$205,355924 Hollywood AvenueLincoln0.151,8801960
$205,5002035 Harrison AvenueLincoln0.161,4791920
$208,5002041 Morningside DriveLincoln0.241,7501958
$209,9005500 Hartley StreetLincoln0.171,4001977
$210,0002430 Winthrop RoadLincoln0.171,5971948
$210,0001632 Lacey LaneLincoln0.121,1442006
$210,0005217 Goldenrod CircleLincoln0.131,5681973
$210,0002233 S 35Th StreetLincoln0.21,4531950
$210,0001625 SW 14th StreetLincoln0.171,6021997
$210,000340 Adams StreetLincoln0.191,4311985
$210,000520 Northborough LaneLincoln0.221,6961957
$214,50011410 N 144th StreetWaverly0.191,2902006
$215,0004031 NW 57th StreetLincoln0.151,1301994
$215,000735 W Garfield StreetLincoln0.171,9201965
$215,000800 Eldon DriveLincoln0.241,6461956
$218,000349 Orcutt Avenue ELincoln0.142,1531962
$218,0007140 Garland StreetLincoln0.222,1861967
$218,5003807 J StreetLincoln0.171,6881937
$220,0002417 NW 49th StreetLincoln0.171,5501991
$220,0008024 Meredeth StreetLincoln0.211,5861988
$220,000116 Brentwood AvenueHickman0.211,5941972
$220,0004920 W Champion CourtLincoln0.181,7001980
$220,0004244 Garfield StreetLincoln0.192,0451951
$220,5001531 Hays DriveLincoln0.181,7721969
$221,0001650 Nemaha StreetLincoln0.161,2671941
$222,0001515 West Garfield CircleLincoln0.181,4801998
$222,5001624 W Garfield StreetLincoln0.161,8781973
$223,500815 Westward RoadLincoln0.181,4861993
$225,0005311 Otoe StreetLincoln0.141,1151977
$225,0001940 Connie RoadLincoln0.191,6071954
$225,0005240 W Madison CourtLincoln0.0171,1382008
$225,0005421 Melrose AvenueLincoln0.151,6361979
$226,0071231 N 78th StreetLincoln0.181,8251963
$227,0001315 A StreetLincoln0.161,6981908
$229,9003711 Chapel Hills LaneLincoln0.171,5081976
$230,0005718 Otoe StreetLincoln0.251,4481973
$230,000620 S 28 StreetLincoln0.161,9601908
$230,0002450 SW 17th StreetLincoln0.181,7282000
$230,0003533 Briarwood AvenueLincoln0.211,0921978
$230,00010540 N 135 StreetWaverly0.211,4721999
$232,000377 S 55th StreetLincoln0.181,0951954
$233,5001720 SW 33 StreetLincoln0.161,0562000
$234,1701602 SW 29th StreetLincoln0.151,0962021
$234,900200 Indian RoadLincoln0.2262,1071963
$235,0007301 Eagle DriveLincoln0.182,2831977
$235,0004710 S 57Th StreetLincoln0.181,7101973
$235,0001901 W Jean AvenueLincoln0.151,4781989
$235,0002316 NW 49Th StreetLincoln0.261,5281980
$235,0001740 Independence CircleLincoln0.1682,0741993
$235,000601 S 42nd StreetLincoln0.161,0881950
$235,0002301 W Washington StreetLincoln0.191,4501981
$237,0001635 C StreetLincoln0.162,3581900
$238,0002234 Vale StreetLincoln0.171,7341979
$238,1001601 SW 28th StreetLincoln0.169952021
$239,000715 W Beal StreetLincoln0.171,7561979
$239,0001933 19Th StreetLincoln0.211,7881994
$239,9003725 B StreetLincoln0.161,8301942
$240,0007100 N Grand Lake DriveLincoln0.151,1462004
$240,0004111 C StreetLincoln0.171,9641956
$240,0002825 S 42nd StreetLincoln0.241,9501952
$240,0003440 Touzalin AvenueLincoln0.242,0051952
$240,0005341 Tipperary TrailLincoln0.251,6941974
$242,100301 Glenhaven DriveLincoln0.171,1461964
$242,5006951 Antler DriveLincoln0.251,6261989
$245,0004415 Lewis AvenueLincoln0.291,0261962
$245,0005500 Elkcrest DriveLincoln0.111,4201975
$249,0001687 Otoe StreetLincoln0.121,8651929
$250,0006941 Antler DriveLincoln0.251,5141989
$250,000841 W Washington StreetLincoln0.222,6801930
$250,000924 S 39th StreetLincoln0.181,8351956
$250,0004110 Gertie AvenueLincoln0.222,7341964
$251,0008106 S Hazelwood DriveLincoln0.222,1561969
$252,0007431 Greenwood CourtLincoln0.161,8661981
$254,0008230 Elizabeth DriveLincoln0.22,1071963
$255,0002402 Winchester S StreetLincoln0.192,7031974
$256,0003610 Daniel RoadLincoln0.261,2601964
$256,500621 S 84th StreetLincoln0.212,0151975
$256,5005230 London RoadLincoln0.171,9521986
$257,0004236 S Duxhall DriveLincoln0.182,2581991
$260,0001121 Cobblestone DriveLincoln0.211,9531972
$260,000235 Groveland StreetLincoln0.142,1081993
$260,0006317 S 28th StreetLincoln0.261,3221989
$260,0001225 S 49th StreetLincoln0.191,2891950
$262,0008300 S Hazelwood DriveLincoln0.21,9061971
$262,5001651 SW 25Th StreetLincoln0.191,9172004
$266,0001824 NW Faesy PlaceLincoln0.171,5642010
$267,7841535 SW 28th StreetLincoln0.211,1542021
$269,500310 W Broadview DriveLincoln0.172,0641962
$269,9005225 S 80Th StreetLincoln0.212,1081997
$269,9005117 S 78 StreetLincoln0.151,6642000
$270,0006655 N 10th StreetLincoln0.181,6892015
$270,0004908 Fairway DriveLincoln0.182,3561999
$274,9004927 Bellhaven DriveLincoln0.152,5921968
$275,000740 S 30Th StreetLincoln0.152,6381930
$275,0002033 Vavrina LaneLincoln0.181,6472003
$277,0007901 Dawson Creek DriveLincoln0.21,6452002
$278,3806725 Verano DriveLincoln0.1971,2052021
$280,0002421 SW Soukup DriveLincoln0.142,4602006
$280,0251220 Hickory StreetHickman0.1761,3742021
$281,0002421 SW Paul Whitehead LaneLincoln0.142,1912004
$282,5002315 S Canterbury LaneLincoln0.251,8541976
$283,5006551 S 41st StreetLincoln0.211,9441985
$284,9004840 N 36 StreetLincoln0.031,6452021
$285,0004201 W Holdrege StreetLincoln12,4041940
$286,000701 Lakeshore DriveLincoln0.11,8361992
$289,9001010 Primrose LaneHickman0.362,1052004
$289,9001700 W C StreetLincoln0.172,2182021
$289,9001910 SW 33rd StreetLincoln0.172,0512000
$290,0003412 S 17th StreetLincoln0.142,3781932
$290,0001807 NW Faesy PlaceLincoln0.162,2012007
$294,0004621 Mohawk StreetLincoln0.242,1101960
$297,5001923 B StreetLincoln0.264,1861907
$299,9001741 NW Flader CourtLincoln0.171,9552011
$300,0005300 S 65 Street CircleLincoln0.212,5501978
$300,0001835 Pawnee StreetLincoln0.132,0541940
$300,0003400 N 73rd StreetLincoln0.152,4341977
$301,0005621 NW 11th CircleLincoln0.162,1722001
$302,5007640 South StreetLincoln0.332,2241973
$302,5251215 Hickory StreetHickman0.1932,1582021
$306,0002700 Winthrop RoadLincoln0.141,8451941
$307,0004121 S 80th StreetLincoln0.262,5701987
$308,0002240 Atwood LaneLincoln0.222,3102001
$311,0002312 Old Glory RoadLincoln0.182,2901987
$311,0004628 W Mary Louise LaneLincoln0.182,2022010
$314,0005515 N 17th StreetLincoln0.222,4472004
$314,9005411 Stephanie CourtLincoln0.212,2101993
$320,0005530 Buffalo CircleLincoln0.172,0621986
$320,0007501 Cooper AvenueLincoln0.212,5551984
$320,0001901 Ryons StreetLincoln0.171,8281919
$323,0003420 S 75Th StreetLincoln0.222,0741988
$324,9002930 Channel DriveLincoln0.372,3641994
$325,0008630 Misty Blue CircleLincoln0.182,1882003
$325,0009020 Stetson DriveLincoln0.191,8482015
$325,6802552 NW 57th StreetLincoln0.191,4402021
$328,0003210 Raleigh StreetLincoln0.262,4001990
$328,0002580 Woodsdale BoulevardLincoln0.141,6321935
$329,68111820 N 144 StreetWaverly0.1931,5002021
$330,0001721 NW 54 StreetLincoln0.182,1232021
$330,0005937 Woodstock AvenueLincoln0.283,3891984
$335,0006510 Blackstone RoadLincoln0.212,4822001
$337,5002945 W Peach StreetLincoln0.152,5442016
$338,0003510 Canyon RoadLincoln0.162,4441995
$340,0007420 N 49th StreetLincoln0.21,3502021
$340,0008250 Whitney CourtLincoln0.282,6791999
$342,0558732 S 83rd CourtLincoln0.22,6112021
$342,500521 Sycamore DriveLincoln0.253,3901968
$345,0006550 SW 126th StreetDenton21.311,0801997
$345,0003500 Canyon RoadLincoln0.22,6951997
$350,0006701 Pine Lake RoadLincoln1.671,8631966
$350,0003511 Pela Verde CircleLincoln0.23,0351996
$350,000425 S Front StreetHallam0.342,6012021
$350,0007110 S 33rd StreetLincoln0.242,9361996
$350,0007200 S 33rd StreetLincoln0.182,8201997
$351,0005631 Buffalo CircleLincoln0.212,3841986
$354,0001837 Otoe StreetLincoln0.342,0881928
$355,0003170 Alden AvenueLincoln0.142,7841949
$355,0007931 Upton Grey LaneLincoln0.242,4362004
$356,1508700 Prairie Village DriveLincoln0.222,6852008
$357,900331 S 88Th StreetLincoln0.192,7442021
$360,0001200 N 97 StreetLincoln0.212,3722014
$360,0002721 S 66th PlaceLincoln0.313,8041980
$360,0477811 Casey LaneLincoln0.193,0081997
$360,5006460 Parducci DriveLincoln0.22,5172002
$365,0008701 Colby StreetLincoln0.322,7442009
$370,0007930 S 37 StreetLincoln0.212,3032004
$370,0005908 Chatsworth LaneLincoln0.173,0082007
$373,6107118 NW 19th StreetLincoln0.1791,5902021
$374,9003439 Renegade BoulevardLincoln0.1762,4002021
$375,0004432 Browning PlaceLincoln0.263,0401993
$375,0002532 Devoe DriveLincoln0.262,4101997
$375,0006310 S 83rd StreetLincoln0.252,4491988
$380,0002200 N 78th StreetLincoln0.232,8901997
$380,00011711 N 144th StreetWaverly0.252,6132021
$383,91411980 N 143 StreetWaverly0.2042,8312021
$386,0005640 S 72nd StreetLincoln0.32,5822000
$390,0002242 Brennen View CourtLincoln0.182,8612004
$390,0007239 Rutha LaneLincoln0.241,4662013
$395,0001001 Twin Ridge RoadLincoln0.293,3241979
$395,9501710 NW 54th StreetLincoln0.172,6872021
$399,6605866 S 94th StreetLincoln0.052,2722021
$399,9005600 S 72nd StreetLincoln0.023,2011996
$408,5007264 Rachel RoadLincoln0.172,8402013
$410,0007349 Yankee Woods DriveLincoln0.162,2442015
$410,0007401 N 11th StreetLincoln0.192,6212019
$410,0008020 Thornview RoadLincoln0.293,0041994
$410,0007916 Blanchard BoulevardLincoln0.182,5872014
$410,0007511 S 41 StreetLincoln0.253,7112003
$410,0001133 Annabel AvenueHickman0.222,9482021
$417,710800 W Panorama RoadLincoln0.22,4502021
$424,0006806 Chandon DriveLincoln0.193,2752007
$424,7159410 Brienna DriveLincoln0.182,8622021
$425,0003309 Longview CourtLincoln0.332,7712002
$429,41511931 N 142 StreetWaverly0.1842,5892021
$429,56611959 N 142nd StreetWaverly0.182,9112021
$434,1707150 N 10th StreetLincoln0.184,0242020
$435,0004540 Pagoda LaneLincoln1.123,3351967
$435,0007311 Swiss Alps AvenueLincoln0.212,8342021
$438,0003301 S 81 StreetLincoln0.233,3632003
$439,2336720 Cavvy RoadLincoln0.272,8262021
$440,0007811 Tobie LaneLincoln0.233,8432001
$440,9854641 Eagle Ridge RoadLincoln0.272,8852021
$452,6997655 Aero DriveLincoln0.23,7452021
$454,9009731 Napa Ridge DriveLincoln0.232,7182021
$459,9005951 Opus CircleLincoln0.253,0582021
$465,3087819 Patrick AvenueLincoln0.262,7922021
$466,0004100 Boulder DriveLincoln0.393,9201985
$466,0004630 Buffalo Creek RoadLincoln0.23,5051994
$470,0006621 S 86 StreetLincoln0.253,1332013
$470,94414900 Adams StreetLincoln42,0062002
$474,0005957 S 94 StreetLincoln0.062,9262021
$475,0009626 Autumn Meadow LaneLincoln0.273,4322021
$475,0002940 Jackson DriveLincoln0.183,1421932
$475,0006231 Andrew CourtLincoln0.422,6991984
$478,82011998 N 143rd StreetWaverly0.193,2802021
$479,50023533 NW 70th StreetValparaiso19.132,0481925
$495,0008901 S 30th StreetLincoln0.263,8382013
$495,0007358 Lilee LaneLincoln0.322,8842017
$497,8009550 Prairie Wind RoadLincoln0.142,5232021
$500,0009611 Brienna DriveLincoln0.192,8602021
$500,0006254 S 97th CircleLincoln0.283,0022018
$500,0004220 SW 12 StreetLincoln4.912,5021981
$500,0004905 S 148Th StreetWalton20.013,2321900
$515,000610 Blue Sage BoulevardLincoln0.142,1702020
$520,00010030 S 31st StreetRoca0.243,7442019
$533,0004933 S 75Th StreetLincoln0.223,9242001
$535,0009651 Toma RoadLincoln0.273,4362021
$538,900601 N 105Th StreetLincoln0.193,0402021
$539,90010040 S 31st StreetRoca0.244,0242019
$544,6978010 S 97th StreetLincoln0.313,0732021
$549,90012250 Bobwhite TrailCrete2.994,2931994
$557,5006845 Wildrye RoadLincoln0.333,7622003
$562,0008208 Dorset DriveLincoln0.294,0911986
$570,0005706 Rolling Hills BoulevardLincoln0.273,0971985
$575,0009648 Kruse AvenueLincoln0.242,9982017
$580,0001340 N 101st StreetLincoln0.223,3182021
$585,00013001 N 56Th StreetLincoln18.241,7881998
$585,0008919 Rocky Top RoadLincoln0.243,47820212
$599,9008905 Rock River RoadLincoln0.33,3322021

Recent Homes Sold in Lancaster County

New Construction Homes in Lancaster County Nebraska

New Listings Under Construction : 96

New Listings Complete Never Occupied: 7

On the Market Complete Never Occupied: 21

Average Price Per Sq Ft for properties complete never occupied :  2021  $251.00 2020 $242.00

New Construction New Listings to Hit the Market

What Does This Mean For Buyers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Buyers in Lancaster County Nebraska can expect to see a continuation of low inventory of existing homes.

The average sale price has increased this year, and in many price ranges, there are far less homes listed compared to this time last year.

Buyers should have financing in place and be ready to act when they find a property that matches their criteria. Be sure to search for properties in your price.

Give  me  a call today so i can help find your happy home! and i will be glad to help you.

What Does This Mean For Sellers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Lancaster County Nebraska is still in a sellers market with only 1.0 months of inventory available. There is a strong demand for homes in the $200k$300k price range.

Sellers can expect to get close to asking price for their homes as the list price to sold price ratio is 100.3%, and the number of days on the market before a home is sold is averaging 16 days.


Sellers can use our free home valuation tool to get an idea of their home’s worth, then give me a call and i can answer all your questions about getting your home listed today.

Lancaster County Nebraska Homes For Sale

Here are the most recent home listings just added to the database in the Lancaster County Nebraska Area.

Lancaster County Nebraska Housing Market December2021
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