Welcome to the November 2021Lancaster County Nebraska Market Report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Real Estate Agent. This report covers the Lancaster County area in Nebraska which includes the towns of; Lincoln, Hickman, Waverly, Raymond, Malcolm, Davey and others within the county boundaries.

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Lancaster County Overall Housing Stats

New and Existing Home Sales Data November 2021

The average sale price for homes in the Lancaster County Nebraska area region  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) during November 2021 was $282,469; this is up from the November 2020 average of $259,670 (+8.8%). The average days on market in November 2021 was 10 days compared to November 2020 which was 15 days. Sellers in Lancaster County received 101.0% of their asking price for the home sold. 

Lancaster CountyNovember 2021November 2020
Average Sales Price$282,469$259,670
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.$196.00$180.00
Average Days on Market1015


Lancaster County Existing Homes Sales

$135,000 to $188,999

November 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market : 56

Pending Homes: 59

Average Days on Market: 9

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 0.50

$189,000 to $288,999

November 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 143

Pending Homes: 134

Average Days on Market: 6

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .60

$289,000 or More

November 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 148

Pending Homes: 110

Average Days on Market: 13

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 2.10

Some of the Homes Sold in Lancaster County During October 2021 (Single Family Residence $200,000 to $600,000)

PriceAddressCityTotal AcresTSqFtYBLT
$200,0002242 N 57th StreetLincoln0.151,7961952
$200,0004843 W Adams StreetLincoln0.21,2521994
$200,0003315 S 42 StreetLincoln0.131,8251956
$200,0004148 S 17th StreetLincoln0.211,6701954
$200,0003031 W Washington StreetLincoln0.21,2622005
$200,0001520 Elba CourtLincoln0.251,4341985
$202,5004326 C StreetLincoln0.192,0861954
$205,0005110 L StreetLincoln0.151,3341955
$206,5002633 NW Chambers DriveLincoln0.179522006
$207,0003545 Elm StreetDavey0.191,6041977
$207,5002017 SW 26th StreetLincoln0.11,4862003
$210,0002441 S 36th StreetLincoln0.231,1351961
$210,0002212 NW 57 StreetLincoln0.131,5032006
$213,0002148 S 50th StreetLincoln0.151,7841954
$213,0004430 A StreetLincoln0.211,8921955
$214,000850 N 58 StreetLincoln0.152,0081960
$215,0006135 NW 10Th StreetLincoln0.1371,3221980
$215,0002111 NW 53rd StreetLincoln0.141,3902003
$216,0001930 N 62 StreetLincoln0.1711,3461964
$219,0006725 S Bermuda DriveLincoln0.211,6481957
$220,0007441 Holdrege StreetLincoln0.251,8501960
$220,0006045 Colby StreetLincoln0.151,9881960
$220,0004251 South Gate BoulevardLincoln01,5721972
$220,5001807 SW 30Th StreetLincoln0.131,4492006
$221,0001659 Nemaha StreetLincoln0.161,4021940
$222,000717 S 55Th StreetLincoln0.2592,1251953
$222,5001521 SW 27Th StreetLincoln0.151,3322007
$224,0004650 La Salle StreetLincoln0.0172,0231973
$225,0004827 Hillside StreetLincoln0.191,4741918
$225,0004621 S 36Th StreetLincoln0.212,1191972
$225,0007431 Garland StreetLincoln0.22,1551972
$225,0001749 Euclid AvenueLincoln0.152,1881915
$225,7001010 Smoky Hill RoadLincoln0.22,1901978
$226,0002511 County Down CourtLincoln0.211,6641972
$227,0001341 Meadow Dale DriveLincoln0.211,8101960
$228,0002310 Lynnridge PlaceLincoln0.111,8911997
$228,5002031 N 64th StreetLincoln0.191,6871963
$228,7755121 Grassridge RoadLincoln0.272,2841973
$229,0002412 Washington StreetLincoln0.161,5201912
$230,0002321 Dorothy DriveLincoln0.181,8521969
$230,0005327 W Cleveland AvenueLincoln0.141,7182000
$230,000835 Sage CircleLincoln0.21,7361976
$230,0001411 Manatt StreetLincoln0.21,5411966
$230,0004010 Fran AvenueLincoln0.211,4881963
$233,0007801 Steinway RoadLincoln0.2121,8381964
$235,0002724 Ammon AvenueLincoln0.21,4801971
$235,0007921 Hickory LaneLincoln0.192,2741965
$235,0005930 L StreetLincoln0.212,2091961
$236,0004225 W Huntington AvenueLincoln0.151,5662003
$240,000111 W 3rd StreetPanama0.252,4661920
$240,0008801 Leighton AvenueLincoln0.161,1602006
$240,0002201 Sheffield PlaceLincoln0.271,9521969
$241,000541 Driftwood DriveLincoln0.21,3461967
$242,0004710 Claire AvenueLincoln0.232,1841971
$243,0005318 NW 6th StreetLincoln0.141,7051992
$244,0003701 N 9th StreetLincoln0.151,8601974
$245,0002526 Lafayette AvenueLincoln0.111,5051942
$245,0005341 W Aurora StreetLincoln0.231,9081997
$247,0001820 SW 31st StreetLincoln0.161,5902000
$247,5005011 NW 8th StreetLincoln0.141,6941990
$249,9003721 S 34 StreetLincoln0.232,0841965
$249,900601 Teakwood DriveLincoln0.221,9251966
$249,9005841 S 7th StreetLincoln0.261,8991999
$250,0006009 Robin RoadLincoln0.211,5481977
$250,0003431 S 33 StreetLincoln0.0221,8061986
$250,0004400 Hallcliffe RoadLincoln0.192,0221974
$250,0003520 N 72nd StreetLincoln0.151,8341976
$250,0005805 S 41st StreetLincoln0.221,6021992
$250,0002430 Winchester NLincoln0.191,8421968
$250,0003400 Hillside StreetLincoln0.181,9931955
$251,0004100 N 40th StreetLincoln0.232,3121975
$251,6944269 W Hancock CourtLincoln0.321,5612021
$252,0001841 Brent BoulevardLincoln0.262,4271973
$254,5005830 Randolph StreetLincoln0.331,2691956
$255,0001440 S 77Th StreetLincoln0.222,0251966
$255,0002338 Calumet CourtLincoln0.171,7301932
$255,0007230 Walker AvenueLincoln0.252,1661969
$260,0001615 S 77Th StreetLincoln0.232,3431965
$264,5002117 NW 54Th StreetLincoln0.141,9232004
$265,0002322 Liberty Bell LaneLincoln0.141,7581992
$265,0001543 Hilltop RoadLincoln0.161,7741995
$266,1007731 Sandalwood DriveLincoln0.242,3461964
$266,5001145 Sycamore DriveLincoln0.292,0421964
$270,0003910 S 32 PlaceLincoln0.222,4501977
$273,0004901 NW 9th StreetLincoln0.182,0511990
$275,5015011 NW 9th StreetLincoln0.152,1441993
$278,0003409 Briarwood AvenueLincoln0.212,4301985
$280,0005730 NW 4Th StreetLincoln0.242,4141993
$280,0002015 Stockwell StreetLincoln0.183,0701955
$280,0001745 Annette LaneLincoln0.142,1802001
$280,100440 W Burt DriveLincoln0.162,0061981
$286,0003313 S 40th StreetLincoln0.252,4182014
$286,0001001 Smoky Hill RoadLincoln0.2062,3051979
$290,0006531 River DriveLincoln0.192,1382002
$290,000501 Eastridge DriveLincoln0.352,1371953
$290,0008101 Meredeth StreetLincoln0.222,3231989
$290,0001569 Morton StreetLincoln0.192,7142002
$295,0001501 Torreys DriveLincoln0.162,2252012
$295,0004010 S 39 StreetLincoln0.32,1241968
$295,0009201 W Denton RoadDenton0.432,1681992
$298,0006461 Saline DriveLincoln8,067.002,6082002
$300,0002441 N Main StreetLincoln0.572,2231974
$305,0005015 NW Fairway DriveLincoln0.182,4721998
$305,0003154 N 75th Street CourtLincoln0.222,6881977
$305,0007310 Glynoaks DriveLincoln0.231,3351982
$310,0002740 N 75 StreetLincoln0.23,0041993
$311,0004300 W Ludwig DriveLincoln0.181,4082018
$315,0005370 Mission LaneLincoln0.22,4852002
$316,0008114 Meredeth StreetLincoln0.252,0701987
$320,0003440 Casa Grande LaneLincoln0.1692,3491998
$320,0007900 E Pointe RoadLincoln0.32,2061996
$321,0009720 Forest Glen DriveLincoln0.271,9502020
$323,8405822 S 94th StreetLincoln0.051,4722021
$325,0002802 O'Neil DriveLincoln0.212,3642002
$325,0002610 Jacquelyn DriveLincoln0.273,1261991
$325,2592801 W Washington StreetLincoln0.192,3932021
$330,0004421 W Ludwig DriveLincoln0.182,6032013
$330,0008025 Leighton AvenueLincoln0.182,5531998
$330,0005737 N 20th StreetLincoln0.172,5402001
$330,0008919 Eagleton LaneLincoln0.192,6032008
$330,0005710 Durham CourtLincoln0.342,8311987
$330,0005448 NW 4th StreetLincoln0.182,7641998
$331,00010151 N 150Th StreetWaverly0.293,2802004
$331,50711935 N 143rd StreetWaverly0.191,9162021
$333,0006420 Saline DriveLincoln0.211,5322002
$335,4462915 W Washington StreetLincoln0.191,4402021
$336,2001710 Kennedy DriveLincoln0.192,4352004
$340,000100 W 9Th StreetHickman0.192,1402012
$340,0007910 S 20th StreetLincoln0.182,4852002
$342,0001750 W patty LaneLincoln11,706.002,3202018
$342,4507300 N 15Th StreetLincoln0.22,6632003
$344,4001710 Saint Andrews PlaceLincoln0.33,0381978
$349,0005940 Cavvy RoadLincoln0.222,3322005
$349,9007024 PHOENIX DriveLincoln0.191,7011994
$350,0006234 Cornflower DriveLincoln0.232,5122002
$350,0005030 S 65th StreetLincoln0.33,0631975
$350,0005800 Clear Creek DriveLincoln0.182,5662005
$350,0006540 Glass Ridge DriveLincoln0.212,9542008
$350,0002921 S 25th StreetLincoln0.152,3551933
$354,0005621 Cavvy RoadLincoln0.172,5362007
$359,1701612 W Snowshoe DriveLincoln0.22,4212021
$359,241310 Woodland BoulevardHickman0.1812,8372020
$359,9007011 S 30Th PlaceLincoln0.32,5761993
$362,0006920 S 51 StreetLincoln0.23,2501990
$362,5006250 S 112th StreetLincoln32,1221978
$365,0006422 Via Sorrento DriveLincoln0.3732,1682020
$365,0007230 N 9th StreetLincoln0.152,5442021
$365,0001458 W Lander DriveLincoln0.142,2102015
$370,0006234 N 15th StreetLincoln0.252,9892018
$373,0001210 Cyprus BoulevardHickman0.262,4542021
$375,00013050 W Bluff RoadMalcolm5.21,7441989
$375,5006900 S 44TH StreetLincoln0.243,3691989
$376,00011431 N 146th CourtWaverly0.172,2202020
$378,1613457 Renegade BoulevardLincoln0.171,4132021
$379,9003311 N 92nd StreetLincoln0.212,7252019
$382,1503205 N 93 StreetLincoln0.182,1022021
$385,0005821 Caymus CourtLincoln0.213,6731999
$385,0006840 Crooked Creek CourtLincoln0.292,4661988
$387,0001610 S 77Th StreetLincoln0.212,7281965
$387,1558811 S 81st StreetLincoln0.193,5952019
$387,5001621 Flat Iron CircleLincoln0.313,1112005
$390,00011201 Firth RoadFirth6.582,1841924
$390,0006110 S 46th StreetLincoln0.273,0391990
$393,000752 W Torreon WayLincoln0.252,7102019
$400,0008200 Meredeth PlaceLincoln0.522,5941986
$400,0002811 Docs DriveLincoln0.193,1152008
$401,9001530 W Big Sky RoadLincoln0.262,9142021
$402,0106931 N 50th PlaceLincoln0.212,5062021
$409,0003233 Sherman PlaceLincoln0.142,6421997
$410,2731702 W Snowshoe DriveLincoln0.194,0242021
$411,0001620 W Silverado CourtLincoln0.172,8242013
$412,5008021 Tropp Ridge DriveLincoln0.191,6052004
$413,8638708 S 83rd CourtLincoln0.263,0002021
$415,000805 W Torreon WayLincoln0.172,3452020
$415,0003434 Grimsby LaneLincoln0.2062,9101941
$418,0007379 Rachel RoadLincoln0.182,9932013
$419,5003101 S 81 Street CourtLincoln0.233,8261994
$425,0003200 W Buckthorn RoadLincoln3.242,9381978
$425,425705 Hackberry StreetBennet0.331,6762021
$431,0004416 Browning PlaceLincoln0.233,0251993
$435,0006717 S 34th StreetLincoln0.213,0951993
$436,0002230 Scotch Pine TrailLincoln0.23,1462004
$438,1006841 Laurent CircleLincoln0.212,5402009
$440,0009520 Fairbury LaneLincoln0.23,4262016
$440,0002200 Jenna StreetLincoln0.242,9682003
$440,14611967 N 142nd StreetWaverly0.1923,2282021
$441,6828018 S 69th StreetLincoln0.222,7462021
$442,56311937 N 142nd StreetLincoln0.173,1022021
$448,0003741 Oakview BoulevardRaymond3.43,4002007
$448,3917511 Aero DriveLincoln0.162,7922021
$451,0228810 Calamus River RoadLincoln0.22,6642021
$453,225823 N 105th StreetLincoln0.263,3772020
$454,9007901 Patrick AvenueLincoln0.213,0082020
$459,0007269 Rachel RoadLincoln0.183,1602014
$460,0007400 San Mateo LaneLincoln0.253,1641998
$460,0007541 San Mateo LaneLincoln0.23,7801999
$463,0007510 Elk Creek DriveLincoln0.222,6871999
$466,5727918 S 68 StreetLincoln0.22,6532021
$470,0005830 Abigail DriveLincoln0.21,8172003
$474,534920 Kooser DriveLincoln0.024,0262021
$485,000300 Blue Sage BoulevardLincoln0.333,7302004
$489,9509409 Brienna DriveLincoln0.192,9382020
$500,0003010 South Creek RoadLincoln0.311,7582016
$525,0006616 S 34th StreetLincoln0.264,2531993
$535,55117101 S 72nd StreetHickman3.133,2642003
$539,9007901 Lillibridge StreetLincoln0.334,6211991
$548,0003424 S 28 StreetLincoln0.323,2871950
$549,0009500 Cotswold LaneLincoln0.43,7172003
$550,0003424 Tree Line DriveLincoln0.243,2302019
$599,5109704 Murano CourtLincoln0.313,6912018

Recent Homes Sold in Lancaster County

New Construction Homes in Lancaster County Nebraska

New Listings Under Construction : 40

New Listings Complete Never Occupied: 2

On the Market Complete Never Occupied: 18

Average Price Per Sq Ft for properties complete never occupied :  2021  $274.00 2020 $223.00

New Construction New Listings to Hit the Market

What Does This Mean For Buyers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Buyers in Lancaster County Nebraska can expect to see a continuation of low inventory of existing homes.

The average sale price has increased this year, and in many price ranges, there are far less homes listed compared to this time last year.

Buyers should have financing in place and be ready to act when they find a property that matches their criteria. Be sure to search for properties in your price.

Give  me  a call today so i can help find your happy home! and i will be glad to help you.

What Does This Mean For Sellers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Lancaster County Nebraska is still in a sellers market with only 1.2 months of inventory available. There is a strong demand for homes in the $200k$300k price range.

Sellers can expect to get close to asking price for their homes as the list price to sold price ratio is 101.0%, and the number of days on the market before a home is sold is averaging 10 days.


Sellers can use our free home valuation tool to get an idea of their home’s worth, then give me a call and i can answer all your questions about getting your home listed today.

Lancaster County Nebraska Homes For Sale

Here are the most recent home listings just added to the database in the Lancaster County Nebraska Area.

Lancaster County Nebraska Housing Market November 2021
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