Welcome to the October 2021Lancaster County Nebraska Market Report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Real Estate Agent. This report covers the Lancaster County area in Nebraska which includes the towns of; Lincoln, Hickman, Waverly, Raymond, Malcolm, Davey and others within the county boundaries.

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Lancaster County Overall Housing Stats

New and Existing Home Sales Data October 2021

The average sale price for homes in the Lancaster County Nebraska area region  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) during October 2021 was $290,534; this is up from the October 2020 average of $258,029 (+12.6%). The average days on market in October 2021 was 12 days compared to October 2020 which was 13 days. Sellers in Lancaster County received 100.3% of their asking price for the home sold. 

Lancaster CountyOctober 2021October 2020
Average Sales Price$290,534$258,029
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.$195.00$181.00
Average Days on Market1213


Lancaster County Existing Homes Sales

$135,000 to $188,999

October 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market : 87

Pending Homes: 69

Average Days on Market: 13

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 0.80

$189,000 to $288,999

October 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 166

Pending Homes: 139

Average Days on Market: 6

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .70

$289,000 or More

October 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 227

Pending Homes: 141

Average Days on Market: 15

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 2.20

Some of the Homes Sold in Lancaster County During October 2021 (Single Family Residence $200,000 to $600,000)

PriceAddressCityTotal AcresTSqFtYBLT
$200,0003812 Paxton DriveLincoln0.141,4881983
$200,0005421 High StreetLincoln0.141,9121976
$200,0003021 NW 6th StreetLincoln0.151,6021980
$205,000711 W Joel StreetLincoln0.11,3781979
$205,0001739 Sunny Hill RoadLincoln0.192,0071954
$207,0008211 E Avon LaneLincoln0.231,8041964
$207,0001231 Aberdeen AvenueLincoln0.151,3681976
$208,0001145 Garber AvenueLincoln0.181,7641900
$208,0001260 S 48 StreetLincoln0.251,4481950
$208,6505701 Dennis DriveLincoln0.221,3501973
$209,9006210 Colfax AvenueLincoln0.161,5721977
$210,0005700 Vine StreetLincoln0.241,7731957
$210,0004601 S 40th StreetLincoln0.271,5881965
$210,0004117 S 38th StreetLincoln0.251,9001962
$210,9003940 N 9 StreetLincoln0.151,8081975
$212,0005011 High StreetLincoln0.151,2881918
$214,9005811 Queens DriveLincoln0.211,4281977
$215,0002631 Cheshire Court SLincoln0.261,8731972
$215,0004731 S 44Th StreetLincoln0.211,7861967
$215,0001501 Manchester DriveLincoln0.191,1981992
$219,0004500 High StreetLincoln0.191,3841952
$219,9007221 Greenwood CourtLincoln0.162,2621979
$220,0007900 Cherrywood DriveLincoln01,8601962
$220,0001620 Hays DriveLincoln0.142,2701968
$222,9506159 NW 11th StreetLincoln0.181,7941981
$225,0005500 NW Fairway DriveLincoln0.212,1541980
$225,0003925 N 70Th StreetLincoln0.252,2421960
$225,0007221 Knox CourtLincoln0.161,5941978
$227,0002625 Cheshire Court NLincoln0.21,4001973
$227,0002401 NW 55th StreetLincoln0.252,0301998
$227,0001825 Morningside DriveLincoln0.221,7461956
$230,0006131 NW 12 StreetLincoln0.21,8581980
$230,000424 Nelson StreetLincoln0.141,9801978
$230,0001021 N 79th StreetLincoln0.211,8141963
$232,0001710 North Gate RoadLincoln0.272,0831975
$234,0005501 Stonecliffe DriveLincoln0.21,8381973
$235,0005444 Garland StreetLincoln0.221,8701965
$235,0002668 W Sumner StreetLincoln0.111,7942004
$235,0001957 Harwood StreetLincoln0.152,0801910
$235,5501805 Perkins BoulevardLincoln0.131,5621932
$236,0002218 Woodscrest AvenueLincoln0.1551,7781953
$238,000930 Lamplighter LaneLincoln0.21,6461972
$238,8005331 London RoadLincoln0.151,5781988
$239,00010440 N 145 StreetWaverly0.32,2701953
$239,0004100 Garfield StreetLincoln0.151,5171947
$239,900933 Colony LaneLincoln0.162,2961960
$240,0002015 SW 23rd StreetLincoln0.162,4261988
$240,0005300 W Redberry LaneLincoln0.141,9402003
$240,000618 S 32Nd StreetLincoln0.142,1261930
$240,0001230 Clearview BoulevardLincoln0.192,2601971
$240,0005801 Margo DriveLincoln0.282,4211957
$240,0002607 W Sumner StreetLincoln0.21,6022005
$240,0001601 Hartland RoadLincoln0.171,6161996
$241,000410 N 75 StreetLincoln0.422,1251962
$242,000740 N 58th StreetLincoln0.211,9931959
$242,0002222 S 46Th StreetLincoln0.181,5681962
$242,5001331 SW 24th StreetLincoln0.142,1561989
$245,0002952 Plymouth AvenueLincoln0.151,8861926
$245,0004921 NW 8 StreetLincoln0.142,0521990
$245,000101 E 6TH StreetPanama0.332,2142005
$245,0005341 S 37 StreetLincoln0.181,5761975
$245,5003840 Sewell StreetLincoln0.391,9001960
$246,0003236 Mickaela LaneLincoln0.192,1841998
$246,3005901 S 53 StreetLincoln0.181,4781988
$246,7622544 NW 57th StreetLincoln0.191,6192021
$247,0007151 Colby StreetLincoln0.2751,9781964
$249,0005516 Hunts DriveLincoln0.192,3822000
$249,0002811 N 58 StreetLincoln0.162,0001993
$249,6492828 W Washington StreetLincoln0.161,0122021
$250,0005442 W Aurora StreetLincoln0.21,1681998
$250,0002440 SW 18th StreetLincoln0.151,9541979
$250,0002335 Saint Thomas DriveLincoln0.242,2501956
$250,5004220 N 40Th StreetLincoln0.221,8101995
$251,000827 Beal Street WLincoln0.171,7901980
$252,0001717 NW Flader CourtLincoln0.0171,6262012
$255,0005500 Briar Rosa DriveLincoln0.311,7821992
$256,000641 N 86Th StreetLincoln0.142,1061983
$257,0002834 W ARLINGTON Street WLincoln0.152,1122008
$258,0004001 Mason DriveLincoln0.1651,8461990
$260,0001830 Meadow Lark CircleLincoln0.262,0961996
$260,0001687 Woodsview StreetLincoln0.121,8641925
$260,0002650 SW 18 StreetLincoln0.142,1602001
$260,0001930 Ammon AvenueLincoln0.191,8201975
$260,000731 Yukon CourtLincoln0.122,2271992
$262,0002810 S 52nd StreetLincoln0.162,0041977
$262,0007501 Comoy CircleLincoln0.142,2201971
$265,00020 Tall Grass CircleBennet0.281,3462010
$265,0003031 S 52 StreetLincoln0.171,6721979
$265,0005400 S 78 StreetLincoln0.171,4921999
$270,0001921 Boston CircleLincoln0.251,9181995
$270,0001933 SW 36th StreetLincoln0.171,9612002
$270,00065 Switchgrass LaneBennet0.22,4622008
$270,0005721 Saint Paul AvenueLincoln0.22,2761955
$272,0004660 W Thatcher LaneLincoln0.161,9922004
$274,900401 Wedgewood DriveLincoln0.232,7691965
$275,0007663 Baldwin AvenueLincoln0.192,3911979
$275,0001200 Eldon DriveLincoln0.312,2001961
$277,50020 Vince DriveBennet0.172,3302016
$277,5001041 High Plains RoadLincoln0.241,8901989
$279,000210 W 9Th StreetHickman0.191,9072011
$280,0001529 Morton StreetLincoln0.162,3702005
$280,0001934 Marlene DriveLincoln0.181,1812001
$280,000315 Van Buren StreetBennet0.252,3801912
$280,0004101 Barkwood LaneLincoln0.32,5721985
$281,0002648 W Washington StreetLincoln0.152,3242006
$282,0006616 N 13 StreetLincoln0.161,6042011
$282,5003621 Lowell AvenueLincoln0.252,3781966
$284,900801 Malcolm CourtLincoln0.232,1341998
$285,0001940 Garret LaneLincoln0.152,1482000
$285,0002124 Smith StreetLincoln0.162,2041926
$285,00013450 Isles CourtWaverly0.242,2462003
$285,0004804 S 44 StreetLincoln0.212,3351965
$288,11810332 White Pine RoadLincoln0.191,5052020
$288,2001958 High StreetLincoln0.192,1581928
$295,0001140 Cobblestone DriveLincoln0.211,9691972
$295,0002552 W Peach StreetLincoln0.21,9202004
$296,000575 Hackberry StreetBennet0.192,6082006
$297,0005216 S 62 StreetLincoln0.242,0761977
$299,9002532 SW 16 StreetLincoln0.182,6572003
$300,0003431 S 75th StreetLincoln0.212,5691978
$300,0002434 Ryons StreetLincoln0.162,5581925
$306,0008109 Meredeth StreetLincoln0.222,9861989
$307,7005050 S 78th StreetLincoln0.192,2162004
$310,0005301 Mission LaneLincoln0.252,1402002
$310,0005600 NW Fairway DriveLincoln0.232,0471991
$313,0003021 Crown Pointe RoadLincoln0.241,7211996
$313,7356648 Verano DriveLincoln0.1911,5002021
$315,0002857 Jane LaneLincoln0.232,5961987
$315,07011917 N 142 StreetWaverly0.1841,3902021
$320,0002040 NW 44 StreetLincoln0.222,5542006
$320,0007540 Plum Creek DriveLincoln0.232,0031999
$320,0004114 Eagle Ridge RoadLincoln0.22,1061996
$320,000517 Lakeshore DriveLincoln0.22,5081992
$320,5001730 Skyline DriveLincoln0.272,4331960
$322,7296410 Verano DriveLincoln0.1841,6122021
$325,0006801 NW 2nd StreetLincoln0.232,1692006
$325,0003911 S 80th StreetLincoln0.211,5861987
$325,0004447 SW 112Th StreetPleasant Dale52,6001976
$325,000307 E 2nd StreetFirth0.422,8722003
$329,8506108 Las Verdes LaneLincoln0.191,3442021
$330,0001020 Cyprus BoulevardHickman0.192,2102011
$330,0007307 S 30Th StreetLincoln0.142,9471995
$330,0009001 Blacksmith RoadLincoln0.22,4302011
$332,0006822 Mimosa LaneLincoln0.232,5402016
$332,500220 Pebble BeachLincoln0.142,3272005
$333,3031290 Oakview DriveHickman0.232,5672021
$335,0007323 Canyon RoadLincoln0.172,6781995
$338,9002926 Plymouth AvenueLincoln0.162,0061938
$339,950420 S Front StreetHallam0.242,4992020
$340,0007340 Skyhawk CircleLincoln0.252,6931982
$340,0007920 Red Oak RoadLincoln0.192,2531999
$345,000143 W Lombard DriveLincoln0.22,2541999
$345,1701624 NW 54th CourtLincoln0.171,2632020
$349,9508618 S 78 StreetLincoln0.222,3002021
$350,0007322 S 29 StreetLincoln0.172,4921996
$350,0007120 S 30 PlaceLincoln0.172,4831993
$350,0007667 Aero DriveLincoln0.251,7622021
$351,0001811 Indigo RoadLincoln0.212,9191998
$351,0009231 Eagleton LaneLincoln0.182,3992014
$352,0004225 Everett StreetLincoln0.233,3671950
$353,00010451 N 151 StreetWaverly0.242,9452005
$355,0008005 S 59Th StreetLincoln0.163,0702008
$356,5008111 S 34Th StreetLincoln0.192,6902003
$359,9001202 Autumn RoadHickman0.243,0942009
$360,0008840 Truchard RoadLincoln0.182,5402004
$360,0008400 Norval RoadLincoln0.342,7841980
$363,0003017 O'Shea DriveLincoln0.172,8912002
$363,25711960 N 143rd StreetWaverly0.212,6112020
$364,4091011 Yoakum DriveLincoln0.172,6702021
$365,0008401 Norval RoadLincoln0.553,2421981
$367,6006355 Verano DriveLincoln0.172,4322021
$369,0001230 Irish Pointe PlaceLincoln0.182,7962009
$370,0006215 Bridle LaneLincoln0.342,5902014
$370,6471605 W Avalanche RoadLincoln0.2522,2062021
$371,0002844 O Malley DriveLincoln0.233,1872002
$372,5807101 N 50th PlaceLincoln0.222,4032021
$375,0002000 Pinedale AvenueLincoln0.273,3511973
$375,0002516 Clayton CourtLincoln0.2243,5171994
$375,273732 Terrace View DriveHickman0.232,6502019
$379,0005201 N 11th StreetLincoln0.263,8062008
$379,55511942 N 142nd StreetWaverly0.182,5742021
$385,0003140 Abbotsford LaneRoca0.361,9172020
$385,0003500 Pela Verde CircleLincoln0.233,2581997
$385,0007240 Carmen DriveLincoln0.222,9962002
$385,5206415 Westminster CourtLincoln0.163,3561992
$387,2008120 Whitney CourtLincoln0.213,5011999
$392,5006363 Verano DriveLincoln0.182,7852021
$395,976855 W Torreon WayLincoln0.172,5162021
$398,225442 N 104th StreetLincoln0.23,0122020
$399,7805848 S 94th MODEL StreetLincoln0.052,2812021
$400,0004621 A StreetLincoln0.714,6391932
$400,0007649 Elk Creek DriveLincoln0.213,0711999
$400,0009500 Brienna DriveLincoln0.193,0002021
$404,2006025 Las Verdes LaneLincoln0.222,6232021
$404,4001700 W Avalanche RoadLincoln0.1843,0962020
$404,6718025 S 68 StreetLincoln0.22,2032021
$405,0007140 Countryview RoadLincoln0.213,0492012
$405,0006410 S 32nd StreetLincoln0.213,3641991
$410,0008915 S 30Th StreetLincoln0.182,9142009
$410,00019333 NW 86th CourtValparaiso4.512,1312006
$410,0001830 Saint James RoadLincoln0.344,4181971
$410,5609400 Brienna DriveLincoln0.232,8532020
$416,2413303 N 92nd StreetLincoln0.173,0642021
$416,6508361 S 65th StreetLincoln0.1261,5952021
$417,0001310 N 101st StreetLincoln0.242,6922018
$428,0004641 Elk Ridge CircleLincoln0.373,2681989
$428,3609635 Topher BoulevardLincoln0.562,9682020
$430,0006325 Monarch DriveLincoln0.192,6452016
$435,0001610 W Manor DriveLincoln0.253,2261957
$440,0009722 S 80th StreetLincoln0.192,9252020
$440,0006730 NW 4TH StreetLincoln0.243,6282002
$442,0006269 Doe DriveLincoln3.12,0911990
$443,0001220 N 101 StreetLincoln0.23,2562017
$445,0007219 Rutha LaneLincoln12,8342013
$449,9003406 Desperado DriveLincoln0.172,8592021
$450,00026400 S 84 StreetFirth3.52,3892004
$450,0003021 Eldorado DriveLincoln0.21,7002017
$459,0001601 SW 50 StreetLincoln3.583,1461974
$462,8064110 Redbud LaneLincoln0.142,6832021
$479,5008210 S 97th StreetLincoln0.272,6992021
$480,0005937 S 74th StreetLincoln0.283,8531992
$485,0009642 S 71st StreetLincoln0.243,3242014
$485,513531 N 105th StreetLincoln0.22,8682020
$486,5004100 Redbud LaneLincoln0.142,6882021
$489,9004480 N 176th StreetLincoln3.011,5012019
$490,1003200 SW 80th StreetLincoln1.243,1872002
$496,1876017 Las Verdes LaneLincoln0.193,2352021
$499,0008400 Augusta DriveLincoln0.552,3482000
$499,9002950 South Creek RoadLincoln0.223,1042020
$499,9003900 Lynchburg CourtLincoln0.373,7061991
$500,0006114 S 97th StreetLincoln0.283,2412017
$500,0006620 Almira LaneLincoln2.052,8801967
$500,0009600 S 31st StreetLincoln0.222,9812016
$510,0006245 S 79th StreetLincoln0.233,9062003
$510,0009525 Cotswold LaneLincoln0.222,9622011
$511,5002400 S 77Th PlaceLincoln0.393,6731991
$516,10310101 Apollo DriveDenton3.133,4562020
$519,9005802 Opus DriveLincoln0.232,9272021
$525,0006501 Blackstone RoadLincoln0.33,0632000
$525,0007701 S 63 StreetLincoln0.33,6082015
$540,5007640 S 64th StreetLincoln0.243,0532016
$567,3278951 Sandalwood CourtLincoln0.23,4892021
$584,9008840 Ranch Gate RoadLincoln0.243,8112021
$585,0009321 Ravenwood LaneLincoln0.353,3532014
$590,0006509 S 21 StreetLincoln0.33,2602008
$599,8886749 Blue Ridge LaneLincoln0.333,8461995

Recent Homes Sold in Lancaster County

New Construction Homes in Lancaster County Nebraska

New Listings Under Construction : 75

New Listings Complete Never Occupied: 9

On the Market Complete Never Occupied: 26

Average Price Per Sq Ft for properties complete never occupied :  2021  $276.00 2020 $229.00

New Construction New Listings to Hit the Market

What Does This Mean For Buyers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Buyers in Lancaster County Nebraska can expect to see a continuation of low inventory of existing homes.

The average sale price has increased this year, and in many price ranges, there are far less homes listed compared to this time last year.

Buyers should have financing in place and be ready to act when they find a property that matches their criteria. Be sure to search for properties in your price.

Give  me  a call today so i can help find your happy home! and i will be glad to help you.

What Does This Mean For Sellers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Lancaster County Nebraska is still in a sellers market with only 1.3 months of inventory available. There is a strong demand for homes in the $200k$300k price range.

Sellers can expect to get close to asking price for their homes as the list price to sold price ratio is 100.3%, and the number of days on the market before a home is sold is averaging 12 days.


Sellers can use our free home valuation tool to get an idea of their home’s worth, then give me a call and i can answer all your questions about getting your home listed today.

Lancaster County Nebraska Homes For Sale

Here are the most recent home listings just added to the database in the Lancaster County Nebraska Area.

Lancaster County Nebraska Housing Market October 2021
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