Making your home stand out to potential buyers is hard. The following Lincoln Nebraska Selling Home tips can make all the difference in ensuring that you find a buyer quickly and that they pay for the maximum value of the home. Here you have the Steps to Preparing Your Home to Sell.

Learn how to get the most out of the sale of your home through preparation by taking these steps to preparing your home to sell,such including decluttering, making repairs and upgrades, staging, cleaning, and pre-inspection among others.

Decluttering Your Home

A picture of a workshop shelf with lots of clutter Serious potential buyers want to see every area of your home, so you need to maximize all your space by minimizing clutter. Before you even start taking photos of your home to present to potential buyers, make sure it has plenty of space and is well organized. Minimizing knick knacks, books, items on the kitchen counters, bathroom counters etc adds the appearance of space.

Repairs and Updates

Making repairs and upgrades to your home’s interior can greatly improve its sale price. Just make sure you focus on the home improvement projects that really matter. For example, you can enhance the aesthetic by repainting and replacing stained or worn carpeting. speak to your real estate agent for further tips.


Dining room staged with table and side table This is an important step, especially in slow markets with numerous competing homes and high inventory. It involves removing personal things, such as wall art and family photos, that crowd the house and distract potential buyers. Perfectly placed furniture and accessories help while photographing the home and making it feel more spacious to the potential buyer,

Your real estate agent is the best source of information about the local community and real estate topics. Give Eric L. Brown a call today at 402-570-3797 to learn more about local areas, discuss selling a house, or tour available homes for sale.


Thoroughly cleaning your home is a cost-effective way of making it look attractive to potential sellers. The focus of the cleaning should be rooms that buyers pay the most attention to, including the dining room, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. For the best results, consider hiring professional cleaners.

A bucket with cleaning supplies sitting on a counter

Curb Appeal

The first impression of potential buyers comes from your home’s exterior. Improving the curb appeal makes the exterior more attractive and can increase the home’s value. Steps to take include touching up the landscaping, choosing the right color for the front door, cleaning the gutters and getting a nice-looking mailbox.

Deferred Maintenance

When potential buyers discover that the home owner has been remiss in scheduled maintenance, the buyer can then question other potential issues with the home that may or may not exist. Being proactive in small repairs in the home helps in increasing the speed of the sale of the home and potentially decrease the repair list that can occur from a whole house inspection. a picture of a hammer, drill and screw

Documenting Repairs

Selling a home involve copious paperwork before the deal is closed. Among the numerous paperwork are the original sales contract, home repair and maintenance records, receipts for capital improvements and a pre-inspection report among others. Be sure to gather all the repair receipts, manuals etc from improvements you have made on the home while you owned the home. Having a history of what has been complete helps to convey to the buyer the maintenance and within the property.Bills and reciepts

Pre Inspection of the Home

Have your home pre-inspected before putting in on sale is beneficial because you learn about the current condition of the home and can make repairs prior to the home being active on the market. This is an extra selling point to the buyer as the home has been pre-inspected which can potentially save them money.

Final Touches

Some clever final touches can help you sell your home faster. These steps help present your home in the best light and make it easy for potential buyers to imagine their lives in it. Focus on the important rooms, ensuring they are well lit, clean  and tastefully furnished.

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Ten Steps to Getting Your Home Ready To Sell
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