Welcome to the June 2021 Lancaster County Nebraska real estate market report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Real Estate Agent. This report covers the Lancaster County area in Nebraska which includes the towns of; Lincoln, Hickman, Waverly, Raymond, Malcolm, Davey and others within the county boundaries.

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Lancaster County Overall Housing Stats

New and Existing Home Sales Data June 2021

The average sale price for homes in the Lancaster County Nebraska area region  MLS (Multiple Listing Service) during June 2021 was $286,943; this is up from the June 2020 average of $244,711 (+17.3%). The average days on market in June 2021 was 9 days compared to June 2020 which was 23 days. Sellers in Lancaster County received 103.6% of their asking price for the home sold. 

Lancaster CountyJune 2021June 2020
Average Sales Price$286,943$244,711
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.$199.00$173.00
Average Days on Market923


Lancaster County Existing Homes Sales

$135,000 to $188,999

June 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market : 128

Pending Homes: 98

Average Days on Market: 4

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .60

$189,000 to $288,999

June 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 237

Pending Homes: 199

Average Days on Market: 9

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: .60

$289,000 or More

June 2021 Data

New Listings to Hit the Market: 224

Pending Homes: 161

Average Days on Market: 13

Absorption Rate/Months Supply: 2.0

Some of the Homes Sold in Lancaster County During June 2021 (Single Family Residence $200,000 to $600,000)

PriceAddressCityTotal AcresStyleTSqFtYBLT
$200,0004037 NW 57 StreetLincoln0.2Split Entry1,3781994
$200,0002200 Ryons StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,7781924
$200,0004615 Hallcliffe RoadLincoln7,500.00Split Entry1,3761974
$200,0002051 NW 53Rd StreetLincoln0.14Split Entry1,2522002
$200,0005149 W SPARROW LaneLincoln0.15Split Entry1,3762002
$201,0003530 X StreetLincoln0.11.0 Story/Ranch1,7881960
$201,0006516 havelock AvenueLincoln0.191.5 Story1,7121920
$201,0002635 Scott AvenueLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch1,2401953
$202,500611 S 45 StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch8911946
$202,9503030 W Kyle LaneLincoln0.16Split Entry1,0342005
$204,0012738 NW Columbine DriveLincoln0.16Split Entry1,2102006
$204,5001245 Pawnee StreetLincoln0.121.0 Story/Ranch1,4131926
$205,0004901 W Thatcher LaneLincoln0.17Split Entry1,2621992
$205,000824 Hartley StreetLincoln0.651.5 Story1,4361920
$205,5001025 Kent StreetLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch1,6361968
$208,0001408 N 61st StreetLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch1,2401960
$209,0003344 S 44th StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,2611948
$209,0003752 Mohawk StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,3861941
$209,9005740 Queens DriveLincoln0.17Multi-Level1,1361976
$210,000945 S 36Th StreetLincoln0.151.75 Story1,9621935
$210,0005460 Walker AvenueLincoln0.191.5 Story3,6141934
$210,0005233 W leighton AvenueLincoln0.17Split Entry2,0521999
$210,0004828 Sherman StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,3921947
$210,000631 W Saunders AvenueLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,8641986
$210,0006400 Francis StreetLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch1,6181963
$210,0001409 N 22nd StreetLincoln0.141.5 Story2,7161934
$210,0005001 Cresthaven DriveLincoln0.18Split Entry1,3901972
$210,0002910 Constable AvenueLincoln0.17Split Entry1,7501969
$211,0002420 SW 18th StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,4941978
$211,0004426 Calvert StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,8731930
$211,0011501 Fairfield StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,8761968
$212,0007421 Lexington AvenueLincoln0.011.0 Story/Ranch1,4411971
$212,5003780 F StreetLincoln0.141.5 Story1,6401947
$212,500411 Skyway RoadLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch1,0141963
$212,5002100 N 61 StreetLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch1,8221964
$213,0005430 W Olympic CircleLincoln0.18Split Entry1,3621997
$215,0002923 South StreetLincoln0.122 Story2,5081923
$215,0002225 Burnham StreetLincoln0.211.5 Story2,1151955
$215,0005120 W Thatcher LaneLincoln0.17Split Entry1,2261991
$215,000931 W Avon LaneLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,0141960
$215,000174 E 2 StreetMalcolm0.252 Story1,4361925
$215,0001300 Galloway AvenueLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,6321977
$216,0004305 N 60th StreetLincoln0.241.5 Story1,7151920
$216,0002732 S 13 StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,3441939
$216,5002344 S 61 StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,4651959
$218,0001915 Fairfield StreetLincoln0.141.5 Story1,8621976
$220,000719 Yukon CourtLincoln0.141.0 Story/Ranch1,6521992
$220,0003627 W StreetLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch1,5551980
$220,0003415 Dudley StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,7571946
$220,0005100 Goldenrod LaneLincoln0.14Split Entry1,5181973
$220,0002502 N 63rd StreetLincoln0.342 Story2,0961920
$221,9992110 N 59th StreetLincoln0.18Split Entry1,5561973
$223,6501801 SW 32nd StreetLincoln0.14Split Entry1,3122000
$225,0004225 Pioneers BoulevardLincoln0.171.5 Story1,7761954
$225,0005946 Newton StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch2,0031957
$225,0006123 NW Gary StreetLincoln0.18Split Entry1,4781979
$225,0005227 Melrose AvenueLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch2,0811975
$225,0001687 Woodsview StreetLincoln0.1072 Story1,9891925
$226,315801 El Avado AvenueLincoln0.231.0 Story/Ranch1,7091955
$229,0001830 S 51st StreetLincoln0.021.0 Story/Ranch2,4341950
$229,9001921 SW 9th StreetLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch1,5441995
$230,0001835 Morningside DriveLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch1,5661956
$230,0005430 W Goodwin CircleLincoln0.24Split Entry1,6701996
$230,0005440 Colby StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,9031960
$230,0006920 SW 91 StreetDenton0.91.5 Story1,8781920
$230,0006210 NW 6th StreetLincoln0.15Split Entry1,4521978
$231,0002441 NW 43 StreetLincoln0.16Split Entry1,5422003
$235,000600 Norwood DriveLincoln0.162 Story1,7392013
$235,0004420 Judson StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch1,9671955
$235,0002525 S 13th StreetLincoln0.121.5 Story2,9721920
$235,0004010 S 37th StreetLincoln0.311.0 Story/Ranch2,2311963
$237,5001917 Prospect StreetLincoln0.161.5 Story2,5641900
$238,0007001 Hook DriveLincoln0.19Multi-Level1,7481976
$238,0005424 W Madison AvenueLincoln0.141.0 Story/Ranch02000
$238,5004251 W Leighton AvenueLincoln0.18Split Entry1,4582005
$238,500807 Sage CircleLincoln0.31Split Entry1,9111977
$239,0007610 Vine StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch2,1251960
$240,0002213 N 64th StreetLincoln0.642 Story1,6201918
$240,0004220 Mohawk StreetLincoln0.011.0 Story/Ranch1,5571956
$240,0004020 N 13 StreetLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,5101963
$242,0001701 SW Lacey LaneLincoln0.17Split Entry1,5762005
$242,5004121 Duxhall DriveLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch1,4241990
$243,000270 Irving StreetLincoln0.22Split Entry1,6622000
$245,000701 Danville DriveLincoln0.271.0 Story/Ranch1,4421973
$245,0004601 Kirkwood DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,0081974
$245,0003016 Dickens StreetLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,4571988
$245,0002941 Tierra DriveLincoln0.15Split Entry1,6841977
$245,0005307 NW 6th StreetLincoln0.015Split Entry1,8641991
$245,0005931 Queens DriveLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch1,9761976
$245,0001600 Benton StreetLincoln0.1651.0 Story/Ranch2,1241967
$247,500931 Donnie LaneLincoln0.18Split Entry1,6081997
$249,0005940 Queens DriveLincoln0.17Split Entry1,6341976
$250,0004345 F StreetLincoln0.14Raised Ranch1,8881949
$250,0006033 S 41st StreetLincoln0.251.0 Story/Ranch1,5401992
$250,0006142 NW 5th StreetLincoln0.14Split Entry1,5521978
$251,0002865 W Arlington StreetLincoln0.11Split Entry1,7422014
$251,0001105 S 47 StreetLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch1,9731955
$251,0002542 S 36th StreetLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch1,7001961
$252,000859 S 45 StreetLincoln0.15Raised Ranch3,0371958
$255,0002816 Shelley CircleLincoln0.21Multi-Level1,6841980
$255,0001670 Cheyenne StreetLincoln0.161.5 Story1,8341925
$255,0007300 Silverthorn DriveLincoln0.121.0 Story/Ranch1,8142004
$255,0002311 S 62nd StreetLincoln0.21Multi-Level1,5901975
$256,0004010 W Irving CircleLincoln0.27Split Entry2,1861999
$257,0002230 N 58th StreetLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,0561952
$260,0001919 NW 44 StreetLincoln0.0161.0 Story/Ranch2,3102007
$260,0005740 Aylesworth AvenueLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch1,8361956
$260,0005610 Limestone Road NLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch1,8901977
$261,0003510 N 74th StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch2,1651977
$262,000925 Colony LaneLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,3351960
$265,0002669 W Garfield StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,7332006
$265,0007920 SANDALWOOD DriveLincoln1Split Entry1,9901963
$265,0005111 S 54Th StreetLincoln0.13Split Entry1,8991975
$265,0002410 S 23rd StreetLincoln0.152 Story1,8381924
$265,0002130 Heather LaneLincoln0.242 Story2,1661971
$266,00010251 N 150th StreetWaverly0.311.0 Story/Ranch2,8942002
$267,5004910 Starling DriveLincoln0.21Split Entry1,7681974
$269,0006331 Skylark LaneLincoln0.27Split Entry1,7991975
$269,900727 Glenarbor CircleLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,2161992
$270,0005811 S 50th StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch1,8311976
$270,0005613 Cottontail CircleLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch1,6901979
$270,0005001 NW 9Th StreetLincoln0.152 Story2,0571992
$270,0006806 Stephanie LaneLincoln0.17Split Entry1,8281993
$270,00055 Vince DriveBennet0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,2492007
$270,0001225 Garden Valley RoadLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,6512015
$270,0004435 B StreetLincoln0.281.0 Story/Ranch3,1201955
$270,0402900 W Kyle LaneLincoln0.141.0 Story/Ranch1,6862021
$271,0005041 NW 2nd StreetLincoln0.17Multi-Level3,1471996
$272,0005030 L StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch2,0601955
$272,0002204 S 35th StreetLincoln0.191.5 Story1,8041939
$275,0004501 W Thatcher LaneLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,1382006
$275,0001724 NW Flader CourtLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch1,8872010
$275,0004601 S 58th StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch1,8281978
$276,500738 Glenarbor DriveLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,2101989
$277,0005910 Skylark LaneLincoln0.231.0 Story/Ranch1,8641975
$278,5014741 S 58Th StreetLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch1,7641977
$281,0007309 N 15th StreetLincoln0.141.0 Story/Ranch2,3392003
$285,0005825 N 20Th StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch2,3972002
$285,0004424 Hallcliffe RoadLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,0601974
$285,7011050 Hickory StreetHickman0.2251.0 Story/Ranch1,3622020
$288,9001648 Blanca DriveLincoln0.142 Story2,4022010
$289,9001825 Jefferson AvenueLincoln0.212 Story2,0281925
$289,9002045 S 18 StreetLincoln0.142.5 Story2,4241900
$290,0002132 Smith StreetLincoln0.161.75 Story1,6241930
$290,0002525 S 36th StreetLincoln0.22Multi-Level2,1961961
$295,0001611 La Plata DriveLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch1,8202018
$295,0009314 Forest Glen DriveLincoln0.122 Story2,3852007
$295,000721 Terrace View DriveHickman0.2011.0 Story/Ranch1,5102019
$295,0007612 Baldwin AvenueLincoln0.172 Story2,2821992
$297,5002011 N 76 StreetLincoln0.251.0 Story/Ranch3,0211974
$299,5004630 Buffalo Creek RoadLincoln0.182 Story3,4431994
$300,0005210 Rosebriar CourtLincoln0.18Multi-Level2,1961975
$300,000869 S 37th StreetLincoln0.151.5 Story2,4991930
$300,0005812 S 41St StreetLincoln0.251.0 Story/Ranch2,1701992
$300,0005410 Hunts DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,3452003
$301,0005827 Cedarwood DriveLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch2,5911974
$302,000240 Orchard PlaceHickman0.181.0 Story/Ranch1,3832014
$302,0001221 Campfire CircleLincoln0.19Tri-Level2,7781984
$302,500935 Scott's Creek CourtHickman0.141.0 Story/Ranch2,7352016
$302,5007215 N Hampton RoadLincoln0.22Multi-Level1,7651973
$305,0004219 W Milton RoadLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch2,3372017
$305,5017211 Glynoaks DriveLincoln0.251.0 Story/Ranch2,2561986
$306,0002057 Indigo CourtLincoln0.261.0 Story/Ranch2,2461998
$306,5007230 S 16th StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch2,0722000
$307,5006810 NW Tempest DriveLincoln0.198Split Entry2,2132013
$308,0002244 A StreetLincoln0.162.5 Story2,9381919
$310,0002512 N 83 StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch1,4592001
$311,0001725 Culbera StreetLincoln0.18Split Entry2,1532011
$312,0006410 Oakridge DriveLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch2,4321974
$314,0008018 McBride AvenueLincoln0.221.5 Story2,1972003
$315,0007732 Rutledge AvenueLincoln0.172 Story2,9901992
$315,0008250 Wendell WayLincoln0.252 Story2,4802002
$315,0008841 Berg DriveLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch2,7162008
$317,0001624 Dodge StreetLincoln0.261.0 Story/Ranch1,2611978
$317,3008252 Ryley LaneLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch2,5872014
$319,0001830 Garret LaneLincoln0.141.0 Story/Ranch2,1282000
$319,9004621 Elk Ridge CircleLincoln0.252 Story2,6781989
$320,0007021 S 33rd StreetLincoln0.252 Story2,3301994
$320,0007211 S 33 StreetLincoln0.162 Story2,6581997
$320,0005115 Bison DriveLincoln0.19Multi-Level2,5631981
$320,0004310 W Milton RoadLincoln0.281.0 Story/Ranch2,1422015
$320,4001112 Terrace View DriveHickman0.221.0 Story/Ranch1,5102021
$321,5001510 Blanca DriveLincoln0.192 Story2,3972006
$324,0001832 Pinedale AvenueLincoln0.26Multi-Level2,7161971
$324,0919011 Trader DriveLincoln0.17Split Entry2,3152021
$325,0001705 Culbera StreetLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch2,8132009
$325,0006340 Durango CourtLincoln0.251.5 Story2,4961991
$326,500565 South StreetHallam0.31.0 Story/Ranch2,6052018
$330,0009040 Berg DriveLincoln0.3Multi-Level2,5952006
$330,0003243 N 53 StreetLincoln0.2441.5 Story3,0922006
$330,0006815 N 9th StreetLincoln0.162 Story2,3182016
$332,0001004 Ridge RoadHickman0.231.0 Story/Ranch2,8312012
$332,8692910 W Kyle LaneLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch2,2742021
$337,5007525 S 81st StreetLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch1,9302012
$338,0002630 N 81st StreetLincoln0.161.5 Story3,3221995
$338,5003900 Diablo CircleLincoln0.241.5 Story1,8302000
$339,0005800 S 77th StreetLincoln0.231.0 Story/Ranch3,3582000
$340,0005833 Chatsworth LaneLincoln0.251.0 Story/Ranch2,5792005
$341,5004320 S 61st StreetLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch2,5441972
$343,700345 Woodland BoulevardHickman0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,4542021
$345,0003940 S 79Th StreetLincoln0.131.0 Story/Ranch2,5722014
$349,00016280 SW 42nd StreetMartell24.471.5 Story1,6201900
$349,9009739 Mortensen DriveLincoln0.27Split Entry2,3352020
$350,0008021 S 37Th StreetLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,2792004
$350,0003250 N 93rd StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch2,5482021
$350,0004840 Alles CircleLincoln0.31.0 Story/Ranch3,0301956
$351,0009301 Colby StreetLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch2,3862015
$352,5004636 Buffalo Creek RoadLincoln0.192 Story3,0581995
$354,0009421 White Hall LaneLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,9212001
$355,00012255 W Fletcher AvenueMalcolm2.981.0 Story/Ranch3,0841978
$355,0007835 Red Oak RoadLincoln0.322 Story2,5191999
$355,0007245 N 10th StreetLincoln0.151.0 Story/Ranch2,5502020
$356,0001050 Cyprus BoulevardHickman0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,5052021
$359,0003165 Woodsdale BoulevardLincoln0.292 Story2,5041949
$360,0003022 Williamsburg DriveLincoln0.161.0 Story/Ranch2,3731995
$365,000925 S 51st StreetLincoln0.31Multi-Level2,6561954
$365,0007331 N 50th StreetLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch2,5502016
$366,3507931 Lena StreetLincoln0.212 Story2,1702020
$369,0001915 Dover CourtLincoln0.41.0 Story/Ranch3,1331976
$369,9001424 E 8th StreetHickman0.1982 Story2,1872020
$370,0002830 S 79th StreetLincoln0.272 Story3,2641994
$370,000655 N 96th StreetLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch3,0122014
$372,9326700 Verano DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,6472020
$373,00019000 N 162nd StreetGreenwood5.281.0 Story/Ranch1,1201960
$375,0006011 Dobsons CourtLincoln0.311.5 Story2,8471990
$375,0007831 Maxine DriveLincoln0.0221.0 Story/Ranch2,8302018
$375,0004533 Elk Ridge RoadLincoln0.252 Story2,4701990
$376,920316 N 104th StreetLincoln0.341.0 Story/Ranch2,7792020
$379,00017056 Pine Lake RoadWalton21.11.0 Story/Ranch1,5191997
$380,0009322 Garland StreetLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,5782018
$387,0001550 W Silverado DriveLincoln0.171.0 Story/Ranch2,4572013
$388,5002521 Cindy DriveLincoln0.2731.0 Story/Ranch3,3511989
$389,0009010 Del Rio DriveLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch3,0312017
$390,0006556 Las Verdes LaneLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,7682019
$391,0001301 Blue Spruce DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,6732012
$392,6504711 Browning CourtLincoln0.282 Story3,1231992
$392,7629419 Brienna DriveLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch2,7342021
$394,5007421 Brentwood CircleLincoln0.4Multi-Level2,4361975
$395,238951 Haggard StreetLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch3,3352020
$397,2306355 Las Verdes LaneLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,7852021
$398,642345 S 89Th StreetLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch2,7942021
$399,9004824 Deer Creek DriveLincoln0.282 Story3,6431992
$399,9401043 Yoakam DriveLincoln0.21.5 Story2,9702021
$400,0006320 Artisan WayLincoln0.312 Story3,2452009
$400,000920 N 104th StreetLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch3,0472020
$400,00011831 N 143rd StreetWaverly0.211.0 Story/Ranch3,0422020
$400,0007135 Countryview RoadLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch2,4602013
$400,415500 N 105th StreetLincoln0.261.0 Story/Ranch3,0892021
$402,0001265 Oakview DriveHickman0.182 Story3,1582018
$410,0007369 Andy DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,7772015
$412,0007201 Yankee Woods DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,7992014
$420,0001721 W Snowshoe DriveLincoln0.252 Story3,1742021
$423,764847 W Miramonte DriveLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch2,8122021
$424,3447142 NW 19th StreetLincoln0.1791.5 Story3,0272020
$425,0006400 Monticello DriveLincoln0.282 Story3,5751984
$432,5006730 NW 2nd StreetLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch2,6052006
$435,0007306 Fairbanks PlaceLincoln0.271.5 Story3,2392017
$439,5158455 Haley Lynn LaneDenton3.641.0 Story/Ranch2,6582020
$439,9008631 S 81st StreetLincoln0.211.0 Story/Ranch3,0082020
$440,0007627 S 77th StreetLincoln0.231.0 Story/Ranch2,9242014
$440,00012500 Finigan RoadLincoln3.52 Story3,8211987
$441,5007700 Myrtle StreetLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch3,3981977
$451,0002809 W Martell RoadMartell3.041.0 Story/Ranch2,7042015
$455,0006200 Whitewater LaneLincoln0.181.0 Story/Ranch3,4262020
$455,0003100 Crown Pointe RoadLincoln0.262 Story3,5501994
$456,5006611 Meursault DriveLincoln0.351.0 Story/Ranch3,1912002
$459,157461 N 104th StreetLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch2,8822020
$459,9508729 S 83 CourtLincoln0.191.0 Story/Ranch3,0672021
$460,0005101 W Hallam RoadHallam51.5 Story2,7572004
$469,90010341 Shoreline DriveLincoln0.21.0 Story/Ranch2,8962018
$470,5007910 S 69 StreetLincoln0.2542 Story2,4792020
$475,0003728 folsom Street SLincoln2.9Multi-Level3,2001960
$485,00010175 Edgewater LaneLincoln0.111.0 Story/Ranch3,1762013
$490,0007908 Dougan DriveLincoln0.352 Story4,8901990
$500,0009530 S 31St StreetLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch3,7942015
$500,0009901 Roca RoadRoca5.461.0 Story/Ranch3,0271985
$502,0001424 N 102 StreetLincoln0.271.0 Story/Ranch3,2522018
$510,0006305 Monarch DriveLincoln0.241.0 Story/Ranch3,4952019
$515,0005900 Kiowa RoadCrete4.211.0 Story/Ranch3,1082018
$522,5007533 Stevens Ridge RoadLincoln0.291.0 Story/Ranch4,2941997
$525,0009035 S 31st StreetLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch3,4652017
$530,0002601 S 78Th StreetLincoln0.282 Story3,9071990
$537,0009330 Fairbanks DriveLincoln0.221.0 Story/Ranch3,3262017
$540,0008600 NW 126th StreetMalcolm19.992.5 Story3,5761915
$549,00010110 S 32nd CourtRoca0.321.0 Story/Ranch1,8712020
$550,0008821 White Horse WayLincoln0.391.0 Story/Ranch3,4162021
$590,0006600 Stonebrook ParkwayLincoln0.462 Story3,1042002
$599,000505 Pier 2Lincoln0.141.5 Story3,1601996

Recent Homes Sold in Lancaster County

What’s Your Home Worth??

New Construction Homes in Lancaster County Nebraska

New Listings Under Construction : 43

New Listings Complete Never Occupied: 0

On the Market Complete Never Occupied: 14

Average Price Per Sq Ft for properties complete never occupied :  2021  $227.00 2020 $207.00

New Construction New Listings to Hit the Market

What Does This Mean For Buyers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Buyers in Lancaster County Nebraska can expect to see a continuation of low inventory of existing homes.

The average sale price has increased this year, and in many price ranges, there are far less homes listed compared to this time last year.

Buyers should have financing in place and be ready to act when they find a property that matches their criteria. Be sure to search for properties in your price.

Give  me  a call today so i can help find your happy home! and i will be glad to help you.

What Does This Mean For Sellers In Lancaster County Nebraska?

Lancaster County Nebraska is still in a sellers market with only 0.30 months of inventory available. There is a strong demand for homes in the $200k$300k price range.

Sellers can expect to get close to asking price for their homes as the list price to sold price ratio is 101.0%, and the number of days on the market before a home is sold is averaging 4 days.


Sellers can use our free home valuation tool to get an idea of their home’s worth, then give me a call and i can answer all your questions about getting your home listed today.

Lancaster County Nebraska Homes For Sale

Here are the most recent home listings just added to the database in the Lancaster County Nebraska Area.

Lancaster County Nebraska Housing Market May 2021
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Lancaster County Nebraska Housing Market May 2021
Welcome to this month’s Lancaster County Nebraska real estate market report brought to you by Eric L. Brown Realtor. If you are in the market for a new home, use our home search tool to find properties in your price range. Give us a call and we can answer your home buying questions. If you are thinking of selling your home, you can take advantage of our free home valuation tool to get an idea of your home’s worth. We can list and market your home to qualified buyers to get your home sold quickly.
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Eric L Brown Real Estate Agent Nebraska Realty
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