Lincoln Nebraska is a pet friendly city with many parks and green spaces to take your dog for a leashed walk. Additionally, most neighborhoods have a network of sidewalks and trails to walk your dog. The best amenity Lincoln has is three designated dog parks where you can allow your dog to roam leash free. here is a list of Dog Parks in Lincoln Nebraska.

Holmes Lake Dog Park

Located across from Holmes Lake on 70th Street this park has 26 acres of running space for your pet. Additionally, there is a space specifically for smaller dogs within the dog park. The park has ample parking available within the attached parking lot. Click here for more information.

Dog in Park laying in grass

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Roper Park Dog Run

Located just south of 7th Street and Adams in the Belmont area, Roper Dog Run is a sprawling facility with a great track, shaded areas and of course a large grassy area to let your dog roam. The parking lot is large so no parking problems.

Roper Dog Park

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Mahoney Dog Run

Located north of 84th and Adams on 84th and Market St is a designated dog run area with lots of space to allow your dog to roam

Dog Fetching disc

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Stransky Dog Run at Peterson Park

Located south of highway 2 on Southwood this facility has ample parking, water fountain, large wide open space to allow your dog to run and get plenty of exercise.

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Dog Parks in Lincoln Nebraska
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Dog Parks in Lincoln Nebraska
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