Lincoln Nebraska is home to some fantastic golf courses that include greens and facilities that are renowned. There are some great private courses and clubs that have spectacular homes that back up right to the course. The following is a list of the many golf courses and homes for sale nearby.

Highlands Golf Course

Located in : 5501 NW 12th St, Lincoln, NE 68521.

Best public course in Lincoln. For the price it is hard to beat, some really fun holes that allow you to either take risks with high reward or lay up and have easy second shots. Greens are smooth, turf is in great shape.


Web: http://lincolncitygolf.org/highlands/

Fees and memberships: http://lincolncitygolf.org/fees-memberships

Homes For Sale Near Highlands Golf Course

Mahoney Golf Course

Located: 7900 Adams St, Lincoln, NE 68507

Mahoney is nice course for the average golfer, the best thing about golf in Lincoln is the price,  18 holes is about $20.00 to walk, obviously more if you ride. For being a public course, this is one of the better courses in the area.


Web: http://lincolncitygolf.org/

Fees and memberships: http://lincolncitygolf.org/fees-memberships/

Homes For Sale Near Mahoney Golf Course

Pioneers Golf Course

Located in 3403 W Van Dorn St, Lincoln, NE 68522

Pioneers is an amazing golf course that is staffed with the most friendly employees of any Lincoln course. The front desk is very communicative, the snack shack has a variety of options, and the beer cart ladies are amazing. Many people say it is one of the top ones in the state. Looks easy, but has it’s hidden difficulties. Figure an extra five to ten yards on approach shots. Many greens are elevated but not noticeable.


Web: http://lincolncitygolf.org/pioneers/

Fees and memberships:  http://lincolncitygolf.org/fees-memberships/

Homes For Sale Near Pioneers Golf Course

Holmes Park Golf Course

Located in 3701 S 70th St, Lincoln, NE

Good course, is well maintained and a joy to play. The views are beautifu, especially considering it’s in the middle of town. The putting greens are in good condition along with the whole course and the fairways are very green and soft.

Web: http://lincolncitygolf.org/holmes/

Fees and memberships:  http://lincolncitygolf.org/fees-memberships/

Homes For Sale Near Holmes Golf Course

HiMark Golf Course

Located in 8901 Augusta Dr, Lincoln, NE 68526

An awesome course. With 3 9-hole courses, different 18 hole experiences can be had. Sand traps and holes with water hazards add challenge and complexity.

Houses in HiMark Golf Course

Ager Jr Memorial Golf Course

Located in 3761 Normal Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506

This is a great golf course for introducing a new golfer to the game! 

It is a pitch and putt type course and every hole is a par 3.   There a no tee times and all rounds are simply walk-ons.  The course is fairly well maintained, which  is pleasantly surprised being the emphasis on teaching younger players.

They also offer soccer golf, in which player kick a soccer ball into larger holes that are not on the green.  You would be able to realistically play a round of golf with a soccer golfer at the same time!


Web: http://lincolncitygolf.org/ager/

Fees and memberships:  http://lincolncitygolf.org/fees-memberships/

Hidden Valley Golf Course

Located in 10501 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68526

Fun course to play, with some of the best prices in town, great Amenities for events, great staff to work with. Nice 18 holes,they keeps it in good shape. They serve good food in the clubhouse.


Web: https://www.hiddenvalleylincoln.com/

Fees and Memberships: https://www.hiddenvalleylincoln.com/aboutus/memberships/

Homes For Sale Near Hidden Valley Golf Course

Wilderness Ridge

Located in 1800 Wilderness Woods Pl, Lincoln, NE 68512

Wilderness Ridge is a top spot in Nebraska for golf, drinks and dining. The magnificent log clubhouse is a Lincoln treasure. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a Rocky Mountain lodge. Brunch is top notch.  Prime rib, eggs benedict, fruit, salad… everything for the most discriminating palate!. Lodge type setting makes for a beautiful environment to enjoy your meal. Good service too!!


Web: https://www.wildernessridgegolf.com/

Fees and Memberships: https://www.wildernessridgegolf.com/membership

Homes For Sale Near Wilderness Ridge Golf Course

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Wellington Greens Golf Course

Located in 7600 Old Post Rd, Lincoln, NE 68506

Private 9 hole Par 3 course. Excellently maintained short track.  Reasonable membership dues, single or family. The Clubhouse is fun. Small neighborhood course, very well maintained.


Web: https://wellingtongreens.net/

Houses in Wellington Greens Golf Course

Firethorn Golf Club

Located in 9301 Firethorn Ln, Lincoln, NE 68520

Course is always in great shape, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. If you’re looking for a place to join Friethorn should be your number 1 choice. Definitely one of the best private golfs courses in Lincoln.


Web: https://www.firethorngolfclub.com/

Fees and Memberships: https://www.firethorngolfclub.com/Memberships

Houses in Firethorn Golf Club

Country Club of Lincoln

Located in 3200 S 24th St #2, Lincoln, NE 68502

Hands down best overall experience in Lincoln. Top notch service, facilities, food, and staff that truly make this an amazing place, beautiful location elegant and sophisticated. And a polished clean environment, course is always in great condition and the food is great.


Web: https://www.ccl.cc/

Fees and Memberships: https://www.ccl.cc/membership

Houses in Country Club of Lincoln

Hillcrest Country Club

Located in 9401 E O St, Lincoln, NE 68527

Hillcrest is a great family reprieve from the daily hustle.  From swimming to tennis, from dinner to 18 holes, they have it all.  The pool area is expansive with plenty of room to spread out, and a perfect balance of sun filled areas to shady locations.  The organized youth programs are a highlight in our family, the kids are always looking forward to heading back to Hillcrest! Lots of great family memories made here at Hillcrest! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that go to the extra effort to make your experience enjoyable. Highly recommend!


Web: https://hillcrestcountryclub.com/

Fees and Memberships: https://hillcrestcountryclub.com/web/pages/member-information

Houses in Hillcrest Country Club

Golf Specialized Stores

In this section you can find stores specialized in golf, where you can find all the necessary equipment and clothing to practice this sport.

Austad’s Golf

Located in 2801 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516 

At Austad’s, they are who they have been since 1963 – a family business with strong Midwest roots. Founded in 1963 by Oscar Austad, who was a man with the energy and passion to make almost any idea work, they entered their 3rd generation of Austad management. Through their decades in the golf business, they have seen and survived pretty much every change the industry has thrown their way and they believe that their foundation in providing exceptional customer service has allowed them to weather every storm and come out on top. They are proud to be a Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter for 2019/2020.


Phone: +1 531-289-1394

Nebraska Golf & Turf Inc

Located in 1440 Yolande Ave, Lincoln, NE 68521

Lincoln-based Nebraska Golf & Turf Inc. is the leading provider of new and pre-owned utility vehicles throughout the Cornhusker State. Need a new ride for your golf games or an electric cart to zip around your company warehouse? This utility vehicle supplier offers a selection of models to get you where you need to go without compromising power or comfort. For more than 25 years, Nebraska Golf & Turf Inc. has been delivering exceptional golf carts to country clubs and courses throughout the state. They also offer a range of utility vehicles for sale, including new club car models. If you don’t need a permanent ride, they offer easy golf cart rentals.


Phone: +1 402-466-6222

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