Finding local asian restaurants is as easy as a Google search or driving around town. But finding the best local restaurants requires a willingness to do a little research and spend time talking with the people who live and eat there, in Lincoln Nebraska you will find many good restaurants, here you have a list of the Best Asian Restaurants in Lincoln Nebraska

Blue Orchid Restaurant

The exterior of the Blue Orchid Restaurant Blue Orchid Restaurant Dining Room









Located at 129 N. 10th Lincoln Ne 68508

Phone # 402-742-7250

Website  Blue Orchid Restaurant

A local favorite for all entrees of Thai food! Dine in or Carry Out



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Golden Wok





Located in 1050 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68503

Phone: +1 402-477-6688

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We are one of the finest restaurant serving Lincoln for over 25 years. We strive to provide quality and tasty food in a comfortable environment with reasonable prices.

Imperial kitchen







Located in 2401 N 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68504

Phone: +1 402-817-5880

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Imperial Kitchen is an upscale Asian restaurant located in university place shopping centerin in Lincoln.They strive to provide an unmatched dining experience from start to finish. Their dedication to their guests shines through their fresh and diverse dining menu; creative, handcrafted cocktails; and professional and knowledgeable service staff. Join them for professional luncheons, romantic date nights, family celebrations, or even just a quick snack on the way to a show. They are here to make every occasion even more memorable. This is one of the Best Asian Restaurants in Lincoln Nebraska.


Rendang Malaysian Cuisine






Located in 2700 O St, Lincoln, NE 68510

Phone: +1 531-249-1418

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This is an very good malaysian restaurant with incredible staff and amazing food. There is a diverse menu with plenty of options. The desserts are also amazing. This place is a must try and great place to take a date or wife of 30+ yrs. Another of the Best Asian Restaurants which brings you the flavors of Malaysia to  Lincoln Nebraska.


Asian Taste Thai Restaurant






Located in 501 W A St #102, Lincoln, NE 68522

Phone: +1 402-904-6648

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Asian Taste Thai Restaurant is serving authentic Thai food and variety of Sushi rolls to customers in Lincoln area. No doubt this is the Best Asian Restaurants in Lincoln Nebraska.


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High Peak Asian Restaurant





Located in 7042 Van Dorn St, Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone: +1 402-904-7300

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High Peak Asian Restaurant specializes in Burmese and Thai cuisine. They are proud to share their culture with you through a variety of flavorful and affordable dishes. Everyone will find something they enjoy at High Peak!

Koen Japanese BBQ & Sushi







Located in 2601 Jamie Ln #100, Lincoln, NE 68512.

Phone: +1 402-480-6116.

Welcome to KOEN, a unique Japanese BBQ and Sushi experience!  Sharing a meal has always been a cultural cornerstone that brings people together from all walks of life.  KOEN in Japanese simply means, “A gathering place” where creating lasting memories with family, friends, and loved ones with grill which is built right into your table, literally!

KOEN is the only restaurant in Lincoln, NE where you can enjoy authentic Japanese BBQ flavors pre-marinated and brought to you plated and ready to grill to your liking.  Every guest becomes a world-class chef with personal smoke-less grills built right into each table.  Specially designed ventilation systems pull smoke away and vent completely outside, so you can relax in a clean and healthy atmosphere.  And if family style grilling isn’t your goal, come in and relax with an Asian inspired cocktail, partake in daily happy hour specials, or order fresh-made sushi for dine in or carry out.  Online ordering is also available.

Lan House









Located in 1226 P St #102, Lincoln, NE 68508.

Phone: +1 531-500-2994

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We serve authentic Chinese dishes here at Lan House in Lincoln, Nebraska such as the hand-pulled Lanzhou beef noodle, pot stickers , and Chinese burger. Find us at 1226 P Street, ste102, Lincoln, NE 68508. We’re near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Sheldon Museum of Art. Order online for carryout or delivery!

Vung Tau Pho & Grill









Located in 2708 Y St, Lincoln, NE 68503.

Phone: +1 402-438-9959

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Known for its homemade sauces and authentic flavors, Vung Tau gained its initial popularity with a loyal following among Vietnamese people who longed for the authentic cuisine of their homeland.

  • The original Vung Tau restaurant, a twelve-table eatery, opened in 1985 on San Carlos Street in San Jose, Calif. It was so successful that in less than two years, the family moved the restaurant to its current location at 535 East Santa Clara Street, and went from serving 32 guests to 150.
  • The family opened a second Vung Tau restaurant in Milpitas, Calif. in 1996, and four years after that, opened a third Vung Tau in Newark, Calif.
  • In 2001, Vung Tau was named the “Best Vietnamese Restaurant” by Silicon Valley Accent magazine and won a three-and-a-half star rating from the San Jose Mercury News in 1998.
  • Tamarine, the family’s first contemporary Vietnamese restaurant, opened in 2002.








Located in 3255 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68504.

Phone: +1 402-465-0007

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Welcome to Mr Hui’s, the best spot in town to get some Authentic Chinese Food! We have Cold Plate like Spicy Beef Tendon, Roast Duck, Spicy Sliced pork Tips. Also try some Basil Chicken, Shredded Pork with Bean Curd & Bamboo Shoot, Sizzling Beef. Don’t forget grab a Milk tea too. Find us here at the corner of Cornhusker Hwy and 33rd St. We are only 3 minutes drive from University of Nebraska East Campus. Order Online now for carryout or delivery!

Pho Factory





Located in 940 N 26th St #206, Lincoln, NE 68503.

Phone: +1 402-261-3213

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We are a full-service, casual Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant and Bar. Near the UNL campus. Dine in or take out. The concept of this restaurant is to provide our community with quality, delicious, healthy, yet affordable Vietnamese dishes, while providing superior service in an atmosphere that is clean, warm contemporary and a hint of Asian rustic. We provide a full menu that consist of authentic Vietnamese dishes, crafted by generations of family recipes along with trained chefs. Our specialty, Pho, a rice noodle soup, is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine. Also in our menu, egg rolls, spring rolls, rice platters, noodle platters and soups, to name a few

Blessings Thai Restaurant

Blessings Thai Restaurant Food








Located at 4451 N. 26th Ste 800 Lincoln NE

Phone: 402-742-9997

Website:  Blessings Thai Restaurant

The North side favorite for Asian take out!

How to Find the Best Local Restaurants

There are a number of Web sites devoted to professional and amateur restaurant reviews in larger cities. It’s not as easy, though, to find information on restaurants in smaller towns and out-of-the way places.

Talk with locals

Use word of mouth to your advantage. If you’re visiting, don’t just pick up brochures at the tourist bureau, ask the people who work there what their favorite restaurants are and why. Do the same at your hotel, gas stations and shops.

Use Internet

Go online and find the city’s Web site. Frequently there will be a dining section and individual restaurants may post reviews. Links to restaurants give you an opportunity to read menus and discover what cuisine the restaurant serves.

Search Information

Visit Web sites that aggregate information about cities, such as City Data, Yahoo Local and AOL’s City Guide. Check the discussion forums for restaurant recommendations.

Local newspaper

Check local newspapers. Don’t limit yourself to the major paper. Pick up weeklies and free newspapers. Read the ads to obtain tips on dining. Consider attending a fund-raising event that features local foods, such as a church supper or firehouse chicken dinner. While you’re eating, chat with people about good restaurants.

Use Yelp

Search by city at Yelp for restaurant reviews by locals in hundreds of locations. The site has discussion forums and a blog. Sign up for Yelp Mobile to have information delivered to your phone.

Location of the Restaurant

Choose a Restaurant you can walk to. When you want to have a great time, driving afterwards can pose a real problem. So, get a restaurant that is close by where you can easily walk or where it is easy to get a cab. Another fifty bucks for a cab to go to a restaurant adds unnecessary expense.

Of course, it is different when the location is truly superb: a lake, seaside, riverside or a spectacular view of the mountain or an architectural gem. But food must be excellent to enjoy a $50 cab ride value.

Ambience Matters

Sometimes, the restaurant may be beautiful but the décor is not to your taste. It jars your senses. Go to a place where you enjoy the general atmosphere.

Do they play music? How loudly? Check out the people who go to the restaurant. If you find it pleasant to be around these people as you eat your dinner, then go book a table. Maybe, a specific table away from the kitchen doors and not under the air conditioner.

Sometimes, you have to work when you’re in a restaurant. For meetings where you need to discuss serious deals, go to restaurants that have private rooms.

Choose a restaurant that gives good value

When you are bringing a big group, look for one that will give you value for your money. This does not mean being cheap but getting a good meal that you feel happy about paying. You are satisfied for what you get.

As an example in Thailand, why would I pay $25 for a Pad Thai that tastes average in a restaurant when I can buy a better tasting one in the street for a dollar?

Or, in Hanoi, the street restaurants offer local food that are more tasty than in fancy restaurants.

Excellent Service

Want good service in a restaurant? Don’t just expect it. Make it happen. When you find a restaurant you like, befriend the waiters and waitresses. Treat them kindly as you would treat your own friends and you will find that you will get great service all the time.

Sometimes, these waiters are super busy and you demand a hundred things. When you see them carrying many things to your table, be helpful. Give them space to put it.

Take some of the things that are hard for them to place on some sides of your table. These may be little things but when you help them, they will go out of their way to make sure you are served properly.

Over and beyond this, of course, are restaurants with impeccable service no matter who you are.

Hygiene in the Restaurant

You may just want to check out the restaurant before you decide to book a table. Have a drink first and check out the place. Go use the washroom.

Use the bathroom and when it is clean, chances are hygiene standards are followed in the restaurant.

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